WATCH: Calf Kicks Man in the Chin After He Tries To Grab it From Behind

by Caitlin Berard

Whether you’re a farmer, a fisherman, a hunter, a hiker, or a backyard bird-watcher, you know that there’s one rule of thumb by which all outdoorsmen must abide: nature demands and deserves respect at all times. And if at any point that respect isn’t given, you accept that the consequences you face are self-inflicted.

So, if you were to, say, sneak up on an unsuspecting calf in an attempt to grab their hind legs for reasons unknown… Well, you’re probably going to receive a swift kick to whichever body part is closest to the startled young bovine. And if that body part happens to be your face, well, it’s a lesson well learned, isn’t it?

A recent video posted to the Nature’s Brutal Instagram page depicts this exact incident occurring. Inside an enclosure, a young man approaches a calf from behind, bending down to grab its legs. The second his fingers grazed the calf’s fur, however, the cow made its displeasure known while deftly ensuring the man will never attempt such a disrespectful action again.

Before the man could even process what was happening, the calf shifted its weight forward and kicked its unwelcome guest squarely in the jaw. The man fell back from a mixture of the force of the kick and his own surprise, blood no doubt filling his mouth as his hat flew from his head.

“Calf kicks man in the chin,” Nature’s Brutal wrote. “Was this deserved?”

Though some in the comments felt sorry for the man, most agreed that the calf was absolutely in the right. “I bet he won’t try that again!” one user wrote. “Now what have we learned,” another said with a laugh.

A Few Facts About Calves

Though the young cow was far from full-grown, a kick from a calf is still more than enough to crack bone. At weaning, meaning they’re just old enough to begin switching from their mother’s milk to grass or hay, an average calf is already 500-700 pounds.

Now, a cow typically can’t reach much higher than a person’s shins with their kicks. But the man had lowered his face just low enough for the calf to reach. And as anyone familiar with cows can attest, this was a fatal mistake.

Cows are typically docile, friendly animals. They’re also incredibly intelligent, possessing fantastic memories and the problem-solving skills of a three-year-old child. They have excellent hearing, so there’s no sneaking up on them; however, they’re extremely easy to frighten.

With that in mind, the calf will likely never forget the face of its newfound enemy, nor will it forgive anytime soon. Believe it or not, cows can hold grudges for years!

The man will (hopefully) never forget the incident either. And maybe next time he approaches a calf, he’ll do so with a little more regard for the cow’s comfort.