WATCH: California Hiker Nearly Plunges to His Death Climbing on Loose Rock

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Brent Stirton/Getty Images)

A California hiker is lucky to be alive after a loose rock during a rock climbing excursion nearly sent him plunging to his death. In the video of the scary encounter, which you can view below, we see the hiker and hear one of his companions chuckle as the former makes his way down the cliffside. Fortunately, looking back at the close call, the hiker in blue still has something to laugh about.

Unofficial Networks reports that the video above was taken back in April. The hikers in the clip had been traversing a tricky descent through some rocks at Gypsum Canyon, California when the rock slipped. Ironically, moments before the scary encounter occurred, the same hiker picked up and moved a small, flat rock to help keep other hikers safe from slipping and falling.

Though the outlet states there has been no word on the injured hiker’s condition, the scene is nevertheless terrifying, whether he actually rolled down the cliffside or not. In the video, the rock—which was none too small—breaks from its spot on the cliffside and barrels over the hiker, seconds before the videographer stops recording.

Hopefully, the hiker didn’t sustain too serious injuries and was able to begin hiking the California cliffside again soon after.

California Hiker Has Close Encounter with Bear

There are inherent risks that come with hiking California’s mountains, cliffsides, and wooded areas, and many outdoorsmen (and women) know to expect them. However, as we await further news on the California hiker in the video above’s condition, a different California hiker had another, entirely different though equally intense, experience.

Victoria Pham, an avid outdoorswoman, had been hiking the Mount Wilson Trail in Sierra Madre when she came upon an unexpected passerby. While on the trail, Pham crossed paths with a group of concerned hikers fleeing from the bear as it made its way down the mountain. However, the Pham knew that as long as she didn’t run, she didn’t have to worry about the bear approaching her.

Recalling the once-in-a-lifetime experience, she said, “I noticed these hikers were coming down [the trail], you know, kind of in a panic saying, ‘Oh my God! There’s an animal up there.'”

Instead of taking off away from the bear and potentially triggering a predatory response, Pham simply moved to the side of the path, pulled out her phone, and recorded the bear as he made his way by. Per her account, the bear in turn stopped to briefly acknowledge her presence with a short whuff before continuing on down the path.

The California hiker shared where she learned to practice such a calm demeanor amid a bear encounter.

“I used to work in Yosemite National Park,” she explained at the time, “where I’ve gone through bear training and worked in Search & Rescue. So I’m quite familiar with bear behavior and body language.”

Clearly, the bear Pham encountered had no intention of harming her as, if he had, the hiker would have shared a much different story.