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WATCH: Camel Is Absolutely Overjoyed After Seeing Snow for the First Time

by Craig Garrett
Close-up of Camel in snow, Mongolia. - stock photo

A video of a camel‘s reaction to seeing snow for the first time at his home in California is receiving a lot of attention online. Shelly Murad, who helps take care of the 200-acre sustainable preserve Rancho Grande Ojai with her family, shared footage of Albert the dromedary happily galloping across the snow-covered landscape in Los Padres National Forest. The footage was shared on Twitter.

The cold weather has brought joy to Albert, and the video of his first encounter with snow on social media has melted hearts, racking up over 3 million views. From the second Albert woke up, Murad sensed something new and thrilling was happening.

“He started jumping up and down and he could not contain himself. [Albert] usually follows us to the back area of the ranch to help us get hay for the animals but this time he would not come with us,” she told Newsweek. “He headed in the opposite direction to where the goats were staying huddled up in a barn and he started rounding them up.”

Even though Albert’s adventures in the snow are adorable, they’re even more touching when you know his backstory. “We saw a baby camel for sale in Texas and inquired about him,” Murad explained. “A veterinarian told us he was unable to feed properly from his mom so he needed day and night bottle feeding. We were up for the task and had him driven back to Ojai California the next week.”

Albert the camel has many barnyard friends on the ranch

The beat camel seems very content among his fellow ranch animals. “Albert is free to walk around the entire property, and visits all the animals throughout the day, but prefers to spend most of his time near the goats and the horses, probably because it’s easy to steal their food,” Murad joked. “The goats were a little scared of him at first but now they all get fed together and ruminate every day. He loves the dogs so much and tries to kiss them all over but they’re afraid of him.”

However, one barnyard friend won’t back down to the massive camel. “The only animal he is wary of is our pig because she nudges him out of her way,” she noted. “He is very intelligent and will imitate what he sees. The first time he spent time with the goats he tried to climb the hills like they did.”

According to Murad, Albert usually starts the day by knocking on their door for his breakfast of apples and dates. she said that after the initial excitement wears off, their camel spend the majority of its day “sunbathing in the snow.” Murad said that she posted the footage of Albert online so that her followers could get a taste of what ranch living is like. It’s safe to say it worked. “It’s so exciting,” she gushed. “We put so much love and work into the animals here. They’re all our pets and our pets alone, so it feels so amazing to give other people a chance to enjoy them.”