WATCH: Camel Strolls Through In-N-Out Drive-Thru for Some Fries

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Rick Findler/PA Images via Getty Images)

A pet camel walked through an In-N-Out drive thru with its owner in Las Vegas on Tuesday. The huge camel was walked through on a leash by the owner. Apparently, the pair ordered some French fries, according to a report.

The cute camel, named Fergie, is a rescue from Colorado. Currently, the animal lives in a sanctuary in Las Vegas, according to KABC.

She looked dressed to the nines and ready to hit the gambling tables in the video below. The camel drew a large crowd of fans who took pictures of the hilarious encounter.

This isn’t Fergie’s first trip to a fast food restaurant. Fergie’s adventures are documented on Animal Rescue’s Instagram account, @jeffrys_farm. You can also discover her content through the hashtag #FergietheCamel.

In the past, Fergie has been spotted on Instagram eating Wendy’s and Einstein’s Bros. Bagels.

The video of the camel’s night on the town can be viewed below.

“That is the coolest thing,” one user wrote.

“Camels are so cute with their little teddy bear ears!” another person said, remarking on how adorable Fergie looks.

“I love camels,” another simply wrote.

However, many took the opportunity to bash the owner and their focus on creating a viral spectacle.

“The 21st Century Where absolutely NOTHING is worth doing if there’s no chance of going viral,” one person wrote.

“I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this guy probably spends 99% of his day watching tiktok videos and couldn’t afford his internet bill this month,” another said.

“I love it tbh, but when people do this I wonder if they just want attention from others or if there just doing it to amuse other people I’m not hating just observing tbh,” a final user said.

Camel Kills Two People in Tennessee Back in March 2022

Back in March, a camel attacked and killed two people in Obion County in northwest Tennessee.

The camel was a featured animal at a local petting zoo. It attacked them and then attacked those trying to help them, according to authorities.

The camel was reported to be loose near Shirley Farms in northwest Tennessee and was later put down.

According to a press release from the Obion County Sheriff’s Department, they received a call around 4:44 p.m. When deputies arrived at the scene, two victims were unconscious on the ground at Shirley Farms.

The victims were Bobby Matheny, 42 of Ridgely, and Tommy Gunn, 67 of Obion. Both were pronounced at the scene.

In the process of making sure the scene was safe, the camel reappeared and attacked a sheriff’s car. Then it started coming toward the deputies who were moving the victims.

The camel was then put down for the safety of everyone on the scene.

However, camels can be dangerous and deaths associated with the animal can happen in a variety of ways. Camels are known for kicking, stomping, kneeling, sitting on a victim, or biting and shaking and throwing, according to the National Library of Medicine.