WATCH: Cameraman Gets Dangerously Close to Deadly Venomous Cobra on Motorcycle

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: skynavin

A group of people in India was shocked when they saw a cobra had taken control of someone’s motorcycle. In a recent video, the men stand around the commandeered bike as the creature takes on a defensive posture. It also has its menacing hood fully expanded.

Clearly, the snake was not pleased as one man got a little too close while others maintained a safe distance. In the clip, viewers watch in horror as the man with a phone appears to be within striking range. This species’ fatal bite is capable of causing respiratory failure, cardiac arrest, and even death.

India Today posted a one-minute clip of the deadly encounter, which you can watch here.

Thankfully, a wildlife official was later called to the scene. They could remove the cobra from the motorcycle and transport the snake to a safer environment. In addition, the officer noticed that the cobra had laid eggs near a bush. This could be the reason why it was acting in an aggressive, defensive manner.

However, that didn’t stop the idiot with the phone from getting a close-up shot of the reptile. As a result, it made the cobra all the more territorial.

The Indian cobra is also known as the spectacled cobra and Asian cobra. In addition, it’s a member of the big four snakes of South Asia. This category of snakes leads to most human deaths by snakebites in Asia.

Cobra escapes from its cage at Missouri snake fest

Over in America, a deadly Egyptian cobra recently disappeared from its cage at a snake show in Missouri.

According to reports, the reptile disappeared in Moscow Mills on Sunday. It was the second day of the “Venom Fest,” which featured between 200 and 300 snakes. However, the snakes couldn’t come out of their sealed containers during the event.

On Sunday morning, a snake owner saw that one of his sealed containers had been moved and was empty. “They’re all in sealed containers. That’s what’s making it very difficult to believe that this was a mistake,” Micky Meyer of Show-Me Reptiles said.

“The snake didn’t put the lid back on, and the snake didn’t move its’ container two feet,” he said.

As a result, organizers canceled Sunday’s event after the reptile was found to be missing. Meyer and the police said they believed someone more than likely stole the cobra.

“There’s no dust trails,” he told reporters. “There’s really no evidence of a snake being loose in there because a lot of times when they get loose they poop, too. We haven’t seen any evidence of a loose snake.” Meyer added: “I just don’t think we’re going to be doing any of these venomous shows anymore.”