WATCH: Children Scream in Horror as ‘UFO’ Appears Above School

by Tia Bailey
stock photo

A viral video shows what appears to be a UFO flying over a school, just in time for Halloween season. The students in the video scream in surprise.

Students saw the eerie sight in the sky at North Point High School in Wentzville, Missouri. Kora Gregory captured the strange occurrence on film.

“I came to notice it when I heard a few people saying things like, ‘What is that?’ and ‘Do you see that?” she said. “A friend of mine I was with kept telling me it’s probably just a laser – and at first, I thought maybe it was. But that quickly changed to ‘Oh my god, that’s not normal’ and I came to the conclusion that it was not a natural object.”

The 57-second clip shows a crowd of students gathered by the school, all staring up at the sky. There is something hovering in the air above the crowd, and some of the students scream. Everyone’s first thought, of course, was aliens, as they are associated with UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects).

Someone also posted the video to Reddit. Some people commented with their own UFO experiences.

“About 45 years ago I was the cause of a half dozen calls to the sheriff about a UFO. I lived in a little fishing village on Lake Ontario. It was summertime, about 1:00 am on a Saturday night. I was flying a glow in the dark kite on the end of a pier, using a fishing pole and about 250 yards of hi-test line,” one commenter wrote.

UFOs Captured on Video

“When I decided to walk the half mile home I went along the lakeshore still flying the kite. Apparently the wind blowing across the fishing line and the flapping of the kite was making a weird noise and the glow wasn’t helping… Half the calls came from the local “hole in the wall” bar, and the rest were from the old folks living in the cottages.”

Another person offered possible scenarios that could have caused this: “Either a spotlight with some colored filters projected onto some low cloud cover, and then they just rotated the light…or….aliens.”

“As a possible explanation goes, I have none,” Kora Gregory said of the incident.“We are in Missouri and have no air bases around my area. A lot of people have said that it is rockets, but rockets are definitely not being launched in my area, especially not near the suburbs. And I honestly don’t believe it could be a spotlight or a laser, or something like that. The movement and speed of it is not normal. I would possibly have more ideas if this UFO had some sort of sound that I heard, but this light in the sky was silent.”