WATCH: Chimpanzee Casually Paying for Pizza Has the Internet Asking Questions

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

It’s no secret that chimpanzees are some of the most intelligent animals on earth. One chimpanzee even broke out of a Ukrainian zoo recently, strolling all about town. The crafty primate then caught a ride home on a bicycle. However, a clip shared on Twitter recently has the internet shook as a chimp answers the door for the pizza guy…even paying for the cheesy treat.

“This chimpanzee paid for a pizza delivery in Russia,” quips a recent Twitter post. The hilarious explanation coincides with an unbelievable moment depicting the unusual event.

The hilarious video begins as the pizza delivery person arrives at the residence. The delivery person preps the pizza, takes it out of the warming bag, and then promptly knocks on the door. All seems normal, right? Well, not for long as this delivery person is about to get a major shock coming face to face with what is likely the most unusual customer so far!

Have You Ever Seen A Chimpanzee Pay For A Pizza Delivery Before?

Soon, the primate pulls open the door, dressed just as casually as it acts wearing blue jeans, white kicks, and a t-shirt. The delivery person jumps back a bit at this unusual sight. But soon they take the cash the animal is offering, exchanging the money for the pizza. Once the exchange is complete, the chimp steps back into the apartment and the door quickly shuts behind the primate.

Hilarious, no doubt. However, some of the most hilarious pieces of this wild Twitter post are located in the comment section as the internet goes wild over the hilarious video clip.

“Bobo had to move out the zoo and get a place in the city,” one Twitter user quips. “because of their Do Not Feed the Animals policy.”

While the part about the chimpanzee answering the door and paying for the food has the internet going crazy, so are the animal’s clothes. One commenter jokes that “Buddy had to make sure someone saw the fit.”

“bro thought his crush was gon deliver the pizza with that fit on,” another commenter jokes.

Are There Turtles Lurking On The Otherside Of The Door As Well?

Of course, the image of an animal playing human and enjoying a pizza isn’t a new thing for those who have spent any time watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! In fact, one Twitter user notes that they wish “turtles got this big and dressed up as ninja turtles and ordered pizza.”

“That would be legendary lol,” the commenter quips.