WATCH: Chipmunk Stuns By Eating a Live Snake in Gruesome Clip

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by: Jon G. Fuller/VW PICS/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

When you think of nature’s most vicious predators, what comes to mind? Lions? Polar bears? Sharks? Those who really know their wildlife might have even thought of mosquitos, which are technically the most dangerous and deadly creatures in the animal kingdom (next to humans, of course).

On the opposite end of the spectrum are the animals that we would never consider the least bit threatening. Capybaras, quokkas (which, if you don’t know, have permanent smiles on their tiny, adorable faces – look it up if you don’t believe me), and chipmunks all fall into this category.

That said, even a wild animal best known for its fictional role in fairytales is still just that – wild. And even an animal as harmless as a chipmunk can commit some pretty heinous acts by human standards.

So while this precious little chipmunk making a meal out of a live red-bellied snake seems shocking to the point of grotesqueness, it’s really just par for the course for the striped rodent.

We typically think of chipmunks feasting on vegetation, their fuzzy cheeks stuffed full of nuts, berries, seeds, and fruit. The truth, however, is that chipmunks are not vegetarians. They’re actually omnivores! And while it’s true that their main diet consists of nuts and grains, they’re not particularly picky.

Should the opportunity present itself, a chipmunk will make a meal of eggs, baby mice, and even nestling birds! As long as the prey is small enough for a chipmunk to overpower, they’ll help themselves if they’re hungry enough.

Woman’s Attempt to Rescue a Chipmunk Goes Hilariously Wrong

Be honest. Even knowing that chipmunks are secretly cold-blooded killers in miniature, you still have a soft spot for them, right? It’s not just chipmunks, anything small and fuzzy is immediately deemed cuddly and adorable. Except for tarantulas, maybe, which technically fit both of those descriptors.

So when a Massachusetts woman named Ashely Caron found a chipmunk trapped in one of the windows of her home, who could blame her for attempting to free it?

The way she was acting, however, is not what you might expect from someone interacting with a chipmunk. From the very beginning of the now-viral video, Caron is absolutely terrified of the tiny rodent. Maybe she watched it eat a live snake before starting the camera?

In the video, Ashely carefully slides the window up and down, trying to encourage the chipmunk to escape. While doing so, she’s pleading with the rodent not to harm her.

“I’m so scared,” she confides to the chipmunk. “Let’s make a deal, baby. I’m going to safely get you out. I’m going to open this and you can just scurry right [outside], back to your happy, whimsical life. Please don’t bite me. Don’t do anything crazy. Don’t give me any diseases.”

Now, before she attempted to free the chipmunk, Caron ensured that her children were out of harm’s way. She did not, however, check the whereabouts of her Alaskan malamute, Boss.

Just as the chipmunk finds its way out of the window, Boss helps himself to a chipmunk-flavored snack. It’s safe to say the rescue mission was a failure, but no one can say Caron didn’t give her best effort.