WATCH: Clever Bear Steals Entire Backpack of Food From Hikers in Garibaldi Park

by Megan Molseed

Expert campers and outdoorsmen have long been given tips for keeping their stuff safe and keeping the bears at bay. One of the biggest tips given to adventurers headed into the wilderness is to put the food up high. This way, any curious and/or hungry bears won’t be tempted to raid the area looking for something to snack on. It’s a good tip, sure. However, one recent TikTok video shows that while this technique works most of the time, it doesn’t work all of the time.

Hikers Look On As A Clever Bear Steals Backpack Full Of Food

When a group of hikers was headed into the woods recently in Garibaldi Park, they caught sight of something hilariously impressive as a hungry bear works tirelessly to retrieve a backpack full of food. And, the group was able to record the moment. Sharing how the determined bear works hard to snatch a backpack full of food that has been put out of its reach.

“Incredible experience watching this guy work the camp for some food,” the TikToker writes.

@ksr8282 Incredible experience watching this guy work the camp for some food. Despite the food being hung up high he eventually figured out how to get a bag down. We decided hiking back down in the dark was the safest play here… #fyp #bear #scary #hiking #viral ♬ In Essence – Ka$tro

“Despite the food being hung up high,” the TikToker continues in the caption. “He eventually figured out how to get a bag down.”

 “We decided hiking back down in the dark was the safest play here,” the hiker says.

Officials Put Down A Bear After Incidents In The Garibaldi Area Suggesting It Was A “Public Safety Risk”

According to reports, this bear is likely the same one that Garibaldi Park Officials and conservation specialists recently had to put down. According to the Ministry of Environment, the bear was roaming the park area “displaying [behavior] determined to be too much of a public safety risk.”

The Ministry goes on to note that situations such as this one, where bears have become “food-conditioned” can become “problematic.” According to the experts these bears “continue to revisit areas for food sources.” A situation that can create a danger to the public.

The first step in a situation such as this is for park officials to close down the area, giving the snacky bear the chance to move on. However, bears who display a penchant for “human food sources” cannot easily be relocated or rehabilitated. At this point, the experts move to put the animal down.

“Putting down any bear is an unfortunate outcome,” the Ministry says. However, it’s one that they work very hard to prevent.