WATCH: Clever Fox Has Itself a Day Fishing for Carp

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by: Arterra/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Foxes love fishing, too. This red fox captured in a video posted to Instagram shows the creature patiently waiting before striking a school of carp.

In the footage, the fox slowly creeps to the side of the pond before jumping in and going after a fish. He comes up a moment later with a large fish in his mouth. He walks over a few yards and starts going to town on his meal.

Researchers studying red fox behavior captured the video. It clarified to scientists whether red foxes actively hunt for fish or if any fish turning up in their diet was scavenged. It turns out foxes are clever fishermen.

You can view the viral clip below.

The caption writes: “Researchers observed this male red fox catch 10 carp in a couple of hours. ‘Fish are an unusual prey group in the diet of red foxes that are occasionally reported in dietary studies, but we did not know if the red fox obtains fish from scavenging or active hunting’ until now.”

Plenty of people took to the comment section to react to the video.

“Well that was easy,” one person wrote.

“That pond was so shallow though. I wouldn’t even call it fishing,” one person wrote. Another agreed, saying: “Id say its mostly a scavenge.”

However, most people remained impressed by the animal’s skills.

“He made that look way too easy!” one person wrote.

“This is epic,” said another.

Woman Fights Rabid Fox After It Bites Her Leg

A rabid fox—like all rabid animals—should be left alone at all costs. However, in this case, the animal sneaks up on an unsuspecting woman, who puts up a great fight herself. Her quick thinking potentially saved her life.

This past July in Ithaca, New York, a woman stands outside on the phone. Security camera footage captures the fox sneaking up without hesitation to attack her. Once it reaches her, it viciously attacks her leg.

She rears back and gives the animal a powerful kick, launching it into the air. The video slows down to capture the power in the woman’s kick. However, the rabid fox refuses to quit. It eventually clamps its jaws down on the woman’s hand. Even as she shakes off the animal, it clings to her hand with its teeth. Soon, a neighbor eventually shows up to scare off the fox.

Her hand seems to have taken the worst of the attack. Pictures provided by TMZ here show the full extent of the injuries to the woman’s hand. Hopefully, she received some rabies shots after the encounter.

According to her husband, who uploaded the video, the fox attempted to do the same to someone else nearby. However, the fox was killed. Its body was taken to the nearby vet lab at Cornell University. Vets there discovered rabies in the fox’s system.

Rabies is no joke when it comes to animals attacking humans … a bobcat was hurled across a lawn last year in North Carolina — it was shot and later died, testing positive for rabies.

However, in this next encounter involving a bobcat, people are still unsure if the cat possessed rabies like the rabid fox in Ithaca, NY did.