WATCH: Clever Raccoon Hilariously Steals Candy at Philadelphia Airport

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Stan Tekiela/Getty Images)

A raccoon at the Philadelphia Airport has won the internet today as it snuck behind a candy counter and stole some of the merchandise. TikTok user @krystynakrez posted a video on the social media app sharing a clip that her friend sent her from the airport.

In the clip, a raccoon is reaching through a cutout in the counter and swiping a huge packet of Twizzlers. Viewers in the comments shared similar accounts. One wrote, “I just watched another tiktok where a baby raccoon fell out of the ceiling at an airport & mama came to get it. Wonder if it’s the same place.” Others agreed that seeing a raccoon in the airport is just extremely Philly.

@krystynakrez the stand by lists are too long these days #greenscreenvideo ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

“This is so Philly,” another commenter wrote. A viewer agreed, writing, “Could not be more on brand.” Others made jokes about the raccoon being late for his flight, or the fact that he was polite and only took one pack of candy.

Overall, this is a goofy look into some of the crazier things that happen in life. Raccoon in the airport? Sure, why not. I’ve seen weirder.

Baby Raccoon Falls From Ceiling, Mama Comes to the Rescue

In heroic raccoon news, a mother raccoon came to her baby’s rescue when it fell from the ceiling at a SeaBus terminal in Canada on Oct. 2. In the video, passengers are walking briskly by, some noticing the poor baby, and others, like one man, almost completely oblivious.

The mama raccoon quickly and nimbly scales a pole to protect her baby, which is making a crying noise. It looks like it definitely got the wind knocked out of it in the fall. But, mother comes to the rescue. She pulled her baby out of the way right before a man almost stepped on it.

TikTok user Cynthia Robbyn shared the video, which has been viewed over 3.4 million times. She explained that while she was walking toward the SeaBus, the baby raccoon dropped down from the ceiling near her. “Then s/he began to cry…sounding much like a human baby,” she wrote. “I kept my distance but stuck around, not sure what to do as people were walking by.”

@cynthiarobbyn Walking toward the Sea Bus a baby raccoon dropped down beside me from above & for a bit I thought they were really hurt. Seems s/he just knocked the wind out of themselves. Then s/he began to cry…sounding much like a human baby. Momma to the rescue though. ❤️ I kept my distance but stuck around not sure what to do as people were walking by. I felt okay to leave when workers asked people to keep the area clear & move along. How frightening for these animals. #seabus #northvancouver #racoon ♬ original sound – Cyn

Cynthia said she felt better when SeaBus staff came by and cleared the area, asking people to be mindful of their steps. She shared that she thought the baby raccoon was just scared from the fall. Critter Care Wildlife Society operations manager Brandon Dean saw the TikTok later. Though no one notified Critter Care about the incident, he discussed the video with his team. They came to the conclusion that the raccoon was most likely stunned from the fall.

While there’s no real way to gauge how far the raccoon fell. But, “if it were in an amount of pain, it would be squawking, it would be in distress,” Dean told North Shore News.