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WATCH: Clever Sea Turtle Outlasts Aggressive Tiger Shark, Avoids Becoming Dinner

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Jonas Gratzer/LightRocket via Getty Images)

This loggerhead sea turtle craftily evades a tiger shark and avoids being eaten in this stunning video footage. The video was shot by drone back in April. It shows the sea turtle avoid this aggressive shark as it tries to make a meal on a Western Australian beach.

Professional drone operator Jack Garnett captured footage of the turtle rolling over in its shell to avoid the attacks of the shark. The clear water near Winderabandi allows for both animals to be easily spotted in the water.

Garnett told the publication Storyful that he and his family were on their final day of vacation in the area. They’d actually encountered that same turtle several times while camping. They went as far to give the turtle a name: Mr. Turtle.

Check out the footage of the incredible encounter below.

“[My] three teenage kids, during their daily snorkeling and stand-up paddle boarding adventures, had visited what appeared to be the same large loggerhead turtle, and it was always a delight – the kids inventively naming it Mr. Turtle,” Garnett said.

“On our last day at Winderabandi, the girls saw some unusual water splashes 50 meters off the shoreline, and the drone was sent out to investigate.  I initially told the kids not to watch the drone video link as it appeared that a large 3-meter tiger shark was in the process of eating poor Mr. Turtle.”

Man Filming Describes Sea Turtle Avoiding the Tiger Shark

He continued: “Over the next 10 or so minutes, our family was truly amazed as we huddled around the screen, enraptured by a great battle between Mr. Turtle and the tiger shark.”

After it dodged several attempts by the shark, the sea turtle sprung into action, biting the shark’s tail. That prompted the shark to swim away.

“A single mistake by Mr. Turtle would have meant a lost limb or fatal bite,” Garnett said. “[It was] an amazing outcome to see him swimming smoothly and at max power along the shore at the end.”

Garnett told Storyful that he has since shown the video to marine biologists. They said they recognized this “known behavior” and identified the turtle as a female loggerhead turtle by “the shape of its tail.”

Research indicates that female loggerheads’ speed and maneuverability can offer an advantage when tiger sharks attack.

“They had never seen footage that captured it so clearly, and usually, the turtles don’t win,” Garnett said. “They said that turtles are colloquially called tiger sharks’ sea-biscuits’ as they are a favored meal of the apex predators.”

The loggerhead sea turtle is found in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. It can also be found in the Mediterranean Sea.

The species spends most of its life in saltwater and estuarine habitats. However, females briefly come ashore to lay eggs. The loggerhead sea turtle is considered a vulnerable species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.