WATCH: Clever Waterfowl Outsmarts Dive-Bombing Bald Eagle

by Craig Garrett
Bald Eagle Flying - stock photo

A viral video of a bald eagle struggling to nab a very clever waterfowl is making the rounds on social media. The “Nature is Metal” Instagram account might not be for everyone due to its graphic portrayal of animals uncensored and unedited. However, it has amassed a following of over 4 million people that appreciate the raw honesty. With high-profile followers such as Joe Rogan, it’s one of the most shared Instagram accounts around.

A recent post showing a clever waterfowl (the exact species is unknown) avoiding a bald eagle has followers sounding off. The footage shows the predator diving over and over to grab the waterfowl. However, the prey keeps dunking into the water, leaving the eagle with its supper.

As always, “Nature is Metal” manages to caption the footage expertly. “Bald eagle dive bombs an unidentified waterfowl, who’s only countermeasure against this aerial assault is to dive below the surface of the water whenever the eagle makes a pass. This is a good strategy because the eagle’s feathers are prone to becoming waterlogged. If the raptor enters the water to get this bird he better have a good grip on it, because the only way a waterlogged eagle is getting out of the water is by swimming to the shore.”

“Bald eagles can drown this way. Chasing something deep into the water and having to swim back is fine when you’re near the beach, it is the opposite of fine when it happens miles out and it’s your only option.” However, the footage shows that the clever waterfowl eventually gets nabbed. “In a twist of good fortune for the hunter, this encounter ended before a deep dunk was ever necessary.”

Social media users are amused by a woman’s reaction heard on the video if the bald eagle

The viral video has amassed over 22,000 likes and dozens of comments. Many of “Nature is Metal” followers seem to be impressed by the woman narrating the footage. She seems to be rooting for the predator, which is not the norm in videos of this type. Nearly always, people behind the camera want the prey to escape. However, the woman literally cheers when the bald eagle snatches its prey.

“Ooh, Nice.” She’s a keeper,” one follower quipped. Another follower agreed. “Lol, love her response,” they wrote. “Compared to most videos when they’re screaming and yelling for help.”