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WATCH: Clip of Diver Fighting Shark with Spear Resurfaces On Social Media, and It’s 100% Insane

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Alexis Rosenfeld/Getty Images)

A frightening video of a diver fighting a massive shark is resurfacing online, hitting viral status once again. And we still say the footage is absolutely insane!

The clip depicts the heart-stopping moment as a terrified diver fights off a massive great white shark, using a spear. The diver then turns to scramble back onto the boat to safety.

The Chilling Footage Was Captured By An Underwater Camera

These frightening moments are captured on video on an underwater camera as a fisherman, Johan Potgieter has a chilling close call with the great white shark just off the coast of South Africa. In the clip we see Potgieter fighting off this massive and aggressive great white with his spear gun before making a wild escape.

Potgieter was part of a group of spearfishing divers fishing off the east side of Cape Town when the terrifying moment occurred. According to reports, the great white shark initially dodges Potgieter. However, the creature returns in just moments, heading for the diver head-on. We can hear the spearfisherman screaming in the clip as the shark attacks. He then bravely fends off the oceanic predator with the spear before scrambling to the water’s surface for help.

The Massive Shark Was Unrelenting As The Frantic Diver Tries To Get Away

This wildly disturbing underwater encounter took place nearly a decade ago in 2015. However, it continues to find viewership online for obvious reasons. Every time we watch the terrifying clip we are even more impressed by the diver’s fast response and the fact he made it to safety just in time.

The shark, however, isn’t about to give up on its pursuit of the diver. The massive animal continues to circle below in the deep blue waters.

“Did you see it almost eat me?” the shocked – and likely very relieved – diver exclaims to his team as he lands back on the boat.

“It was right there next to me,” he continues in the clip. “So I pushed it away with my gun.”

“Boys he nearly ate me,” Potgieter adds of the terrifying moment.

The YouTube clip has amassed thousands of views over the last seven years or so. And, alongside the YouTube cl,ip Potgieter writes a comment noting that this great white shark was “clearly now in attack mode.”

“I had to show some dominance back to him,” the diver says. “To avoid being bitten.”

He continues in the message writing that this “could have quite easily been the end of me.”