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Watch: Cobra Shoots Out of Outdoor Faucet, Shocks Onlookers

by Taylor Cunningham

A viral cobra video out of Brazil is proving to ophidiophobes around the world that snakes truly are terrifying creatures that can lurk literally anywhere.

The New York Post shared a clip that shows the moment that villagers in a rural community turned on a new well for the first time. When the water pours from the spigot, several people wash their hands and appreciate the bounty. But as they do, a cobra flies out in a gush.

The incident happened so quickly that it took the villagers a few seconds to process what had happened. But once they did, one let out a well-deserved blood-curdling scream.

“It was a huge fright, but no one was hurt,” explained Antônio Pedrosa, a local farmer. “The snake seemed scared too, more than us, and it immediately disappeared into a nearby bush.”

There are 30 known species of cobras in the world, with many living in Brazil. The video didn’t detail which kind of snake shot from the well. But no matter the type, the people near the scene are lucky to have escaped without injury.

A Single Cobra Bite Can Kill a Full-Grown Elephant

Cobra venom isn’t as potent per gram as most deadly snakes. But some of the species release such a large dose in a single bite that they can take down an entire elephant. And there are spitting cobras that can shoot equally as deadly venom nearly seven feet.

Cobras can also coil around victims with a deadly grip. In fact, one of the serpents nearly killed a six-year-old girl in India when it wrapped itself around her neck.

According to Newsweek, the incident took place in Maharashtra, India, last September. When the snake clung to the child, nearby adults instructed her to stay completely still so as to not aggravate it. She managed to do so for a harrowing two hours.

Her family called a snake charmer for help, and he was able to coax the creature from the girl’s neck. At some point, the cobra also bit the child. However, several outlets have conflicting stories on when it did. Some say it attacked her as the charmer approached it, and others say it a bit when she finally moved as it was slithering away.

Luckily, the family was able to get her to a hospital, and she received antivenom before the effects did any damage. According to BBC, many people living in India have not been as fortunate. Over the past two decades, over one million people have died from snake bites in the country. And the majority of those deaths came from cobras.