WATCH: Colorado Bear Climbs Tree to Watch Over Sleeping Cubs

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Richard Wear / Design Pics

A Colorado woman was shocked when she looked out her window and found a sow moseying in her yard. According to reports, Mandy Campbell saw the bear near her home, which is in Divide, Colorado, on Thursday morning.

“Welcome to Fall in our front yard in Divide! Mama bear is going to get her cub that’s also in our tree,” shared Campbell. As she points out, she saw the sow before it joined her cub in a nearby tree.

Campbell also revealed to news outlets that her son, Link Bryden, captured the rare moment on camera on Sept. 22 at around 7 a.m. In the video, you can see the sow stroll across their front yard. Then, the bear climbed a tree in their front yard to be with its baby. Although it was a sweet moment, the bear broke some of Campbell’s outdoor items.

“The Bears broke every single one of my bird and squirrel feeders, and now the cub just went higher up in the tree…oh boy,” said Campbell.

Although it was a nice moment, regardless of losing some bird feeders, we can’t say the same for another Colorado woman who had a horrific interaction with a bear. According to reports, the woman was left hospitalized following a bear attack last month.

Unsuspecting Colorado woman attacked by bear

Per reports from Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), the New Castle woman saw that something had partly detached the lid to her hot tub in the middle of the night. When she went out to adjust the lid, a bear jumped from a tree and attacked her.

“The bear, later determined to be the sow, swiped at the woman, hitting and severely lacerating her arm,” a news release from CPW read. “The victim was able to get away from the bear and inside her home where she called 911.″

CPW also reported that her injuries were considered severe. Doctors also saw that she had scratches on her back. Once New Castle Police arrived at the home, they reported seeing a total of four bears. They saw a sow and three cubs.

“CPW instructed the police officer to shoot and kill the sow,” CPW added in the press release. “New Castle PD was able to track down and kill the sow in a tree near the New Castle Middle School.”

According to the CPW, a cub was also euthanized. During the investigation, CPW determined only the mother was involved in the aggressive interaction. They also sent two other cubs to a rehab facility.

“The sow and her three cubs had been sighted in the area previous to the attack but did not show any aggression towards humans or other behaviors prompting a need to relocate the animals,” CPW added.