WATCH: Colorado Deer Trapped in ‘Sharp Metal’ Rescued

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by David C Stephens via Getty Images)

With a deer population of over 400,000, Coloradans are no strangers to buck sightings. So when Colorado Springs residents spotted a male deer roaming through their neighborhood on Monday (October 31), they didn’t think anything of it. That is until they noticed the deer appeared to be limping.

A group of concerned neighbors reached out to Colorado Parks and Wildlife to report the injured deer, hoping the animal experts could help in some way. Officer Travis Sauder and Technician Jaimie Sommerfeld were soon on the scene, assessing the state of the struggling buck.

It didn’t take long for them to discover the source of the deer’s pain. At some point in his travels, the buck had stepped on a sharp metal ring, which then slid up his hoof and became lodged against his ankle. Every time the deer took a step, the metal ring cut deeper into his skin.

Though they avoid sedating wildlife whenever possible, the Colorado Wildlife reps knew it was the only way they could free the deer from his painful predicament. With the buck under sedation, they attempted to simply slide the ring off the same way it went on. Unfortunately, however, the ring was too tight around his hoof and wouldn’t budge.

Technician Jaimie Sommerfeld then retrieved a pair of tin snips from her toolkit and went to work on the ring. Clip after clip, the Colorado Wildlife technician slowly broke the metal ring apart while avoiding the deer’s delicate, already injured skin.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife Successfully Free Injured Deer

With the deer’s hoof free of the metal ring, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials began treating his injuries. After cleaning the blood from his injured hoof, they applied an antibiotic and gave him a reversal for the sedative. He was groggy from the drug, leaving him more vulnerable to an attack for a short amount of time, but CPW expect him to make a full recovery.

“Another wildlife rescue story of a buck that stepped in a metal ring in Colorado Springs,” they shared on Twitter. “Colorado Parks and Wildlife Officer Travis Sauder and Technician Jaimie Sommerfeld responded Monday. The limping buck’s hoof was bloody from the sharp metal. They sedated it to cut the ring off.”

“After the metal ring was removed, the wounded hoof was cleaned and treated with ointment and a reversal drug was administered to revive the buck. It was groggy once it awoke, illustrating why CPW is reluctant to sedate wildlife.”

In response to the post, one user voiced what many of us are no doubt thinking, “what a freak incident.” Unfortunately, however, Colorado Parks and Wildlife say that this type of injury is far from unusual. “Actually it’s far too common,” they said. “Deer step in things left in yards and get tangled in decorations. Wildlife in general get trapped in sports nets and more.”