WATCH: Colorado Wildlife Officers Tranquilize, Untangle Huge Elk From Fence Wire

by Sean Griffin

In this viral footage from Estes Park in Colorado, wildlife officers tranquilize a huge elk and then untangle it from fence wire. The bull elk’s antlers were caught in wire mesh fencing that dragged behind him.

The Facebook post by “Estes Park News, Inc.” provided details of the encounter in the caption, which occurred on Tuesday, September 13th.

“Colorado Parks and Wildlife and Estes Park Police Dept. were notified,” the caption said. “Police officers and auxiliary members kept tabs on the animal’s location until help could arrive with emergency equipment to help this distressed bull.”

The caption went on to say that CPW then arrived. They assessed the situation and decided immobilizing the elk was the best route to freeing him from the wire.

The tranquilizer kicked in after a few minutes, and the elk fell down. Then, the caption says: “Colorado Parks and Wildlife manager determined he was sound asleep, rescue workers moved in with wire cutters and quickly freed the bull.”

Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s official Facebook account also made a post about the incident. However, their video shared captures a different angle of the scene.

People online quickly reacted to the footage, taking to the comments to voice their opinions.

“Thank you to all involved in freeing this beautiful fellow from his entanglement! They are so powerful, so driven this time of year…I’m glad he will be able to continue!” one account said.

Another person was concerned about the safety of the bull elk. They asked: “Is he safe now? Someone said a couple hours ago that he was laying in the lake and still looked sleepy.”

The Estes Park account responded, writing that “when we last saw him he was up and around! I’m sure he’s exhausted after that ordeal!”

Golfer Tees Off Right in Front of Huge Elk Herd

In this hilarious viral video posted to Instagram, a golfer tees off while trying to remain undistracted by an elk herd in the background on the course.

At least six elk are pictured in the background of the short clip, wandering around and exploring the course. In the background, a baby elk nurses on his mother, which spawned many inappropriate takes from the comment section.

However, other users also shared their thoughts on the viral clip. One user wrote: “‘Nice drive Derek’- Elk.”

Another user made a clever reference to an Adam Sandler classic Happy Gilmore. They wrote: “How am I supposed to putt with that going on Doug?”

Another user commented on the frequent danger tourists pose to themselves while getting close to the wildlife. “I always enjoy the Texans who try to pet or take selfies with them, especially the bulls walking around Estes Park. That’s how you make the news in Denver.”

However, in this clip, it seems the golfers maintained a safe enough distance from the elk. If they find themselves in this situation next time, the elk may give the golfers another reason to yell “fore!”