WATCH: Concerned Mama Raccoon Braves Terminal Crowds to Rescue Baby From Track

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Yana Bukharova

In an astounding video, viewers saw the moment a momma raccoon rescued its helpless baby as it climbed down a nearby pole to save its baby.

During the incident, concerned onlookers watched in awe as the event unfolded. In the video, an unaware SeaBus passenger moves forward on the track, which looks like it will crush the baby raccoon. However, its eagled-eyed mom jumps to safety at the last minute.

A user posted a clip capturing these events to TikTok on Sunday, Oct. 2. Since then, the video has been viewed more than 3.4 million times.

@cynthiarobbyn Walking toward the Sea Bus a baby raccoon dropped down beside me from above & for a bit I thought they were really hurt. Seems s/he just knocked the wind out of themselves. Then s/he began to cry…sounding much like a human baby. Momma to the rescue though. ❤️ I kept my distance but stuck around not sure what to do as people were walking by. I felt okay to leave when workers asked people to keep the area clear & move along. How frightening for these animals. #seabus #northvancouver #racoon ♬ original sound – Cyn

While Cynthia Robbyn (@cynthiarobbyn) was on her way to meet a friend in Vancouver, she said the baby raccoon dropped down beside her from above. According to Robbyn, it was like the creature just had the wind knocked out of it.

“Then s/he began to cry…sounding much like a human baby,” her post wrote. “Momma to the rescue, though.” She added: “I kept my distance but stuck around, not sure what to do as people were walking by.”

She also said she wants people watching the video won’t judge the passenger who nearly stepped on the raccoons harshly, as he might not have seen the animal.

Raccoons likely okay following bizarre fall

Robbyn also revealed she felt okay to leave the area when workers asked people to keep the site clear and move along.

In later posts, she explained that it appeared the baby raccoon was just scared from the fall. She also thinks it wasn’t severely injured.

Later, her theory was confirmed by the animal organization Critter Care Wildlife Society. Operations manager Brandon Dean said no one notified his team of this incident. However, after speaking with the rest of his staff, he has “high hopes” that the little baby is doing okay.

While it’s challenging to say precisely how far it fell, “if it were in an amount of pain, it would be squawking, it would be in distress,” Dean said.

“Raccoons are very agile critters. They can tolerate a lot,” he said, adding that the mother was doing her job by hovering over the baby. Dean said their nest is likely to be close by, and there are many opportunities for food in the area.