WATCH: Couple Takes Pet Ducks on Colorado River Adventure

by Caitlin Berard

It’s not at all uncommon to see a family bring along a dog or two on their summer vacation, especially if that vacation is a camping trip or other outdoor adventure. When it comes to virtually any other pet, however, it’s more common for them to be left at home.

Sure, you might see a cat looking murderous in a harness on a hiking trail every now and then (at least I have). But really, it’s just humans and dogs. For one couple, however, their beloved dog Boo isn’t the only one to tag along on camping trips. They wouldn’t want their pet ducks, Mochi and Yoshi, to feel left out!

And what better adventure for ducks than a trip down the Colorado River? Social media user Ducks in Space shared the ducks’ most recent excursion on Instagram and TikTok.

“The first time our ducks went with us on a rough adventure on the Colorado River,” they explained over the video of the impeccably trained birds. “The concept: kayaking about 6 hours up the river, then camping in the wilderness. We did a great job and landed before sunset.”

Owner of Pet Ducks Explains the Importance of Training

In the video, the ducks follow the kayaks closely and wait nearby while the couple set up their tent. After sunset, the ducks, the pup, and their human friends all settled into the tent for the night. It all looked effortless!

The doting duck owner then explained in the caption, however, that taking pet ducks on vacation isn’t nearly as easy as a quick social media clip makes it appear. “Your pets would appreciate getting into the great outdoors just as much as you do,” they wrote. “It’s not as easy as it looks, pet ducks require a lot of training for outdoor adventures.”

According to Ducks in Space, she doesn’t even have to call her pets for them to return to her after a dip in the water. Because they’re so strongly imprinted on her, they almost always return on their own.

For those wondering – yes, having a pet duck is not only possible but increasing in popularity. Keeping a flock of ducks in the yard isn’t all that uncommon, but we’re talking pet ducks. They return on their own, sleep in the house, and respond to their names, just like a dog or cat.

And like a dog or cat, a pet duck has specific needs to stay happy and healthy. A duck, for example, requires constant companionship, so you’ll need more than one. They also need plenty of sunlight and regular access to swimming water. You’ll also want a few diapers – unlike a dog or cat, pet ducks cannot be potty trained.