WATCH: Cow Barges Into Hospital Waiting Room, Attacks Patients

by Atlanta Northcutt

Sitting in a hospital waiting room is never a pleasurable experience. However, the situation can always get worse, especially when a cow enters the room and rages towards you in full-on attack mode. I believe the patients in this video will now think twice about entering a hospital again.

Holy Cow!

You’ve heard the phrase “bull in a china shop”, meaning the destruction of everything in its sight. A bull in a hospital is a very different thing as it not only causes chairs to fly across the waiting room but it has a distinct determination to chase down patients as they try to protect themselves from the disgruntled bovine.

Patients waiting to be seen by a doctor in a Colombian hospital were attacked by an animal weighing over 1,000 pounds. Terrified individuals ran for their lives from the centers. The others who were trapped inside tried to avoid contact with the cow as they watched the beast toss chairs across the room, slam itself into walls, and start to trample victims.

Heifers in a Hospital

A viral video from Newsflash shows a 90-second clip of the huge heifer wildly rushing into the small, yet crowded waiting room at Hospital San Rafael Antioquia.

In a split second the room goes from being peacefully commonplace to becoming absolutely chaotic.

The terrified patients begin to sprint for the exit to avoid being trampled or rammed by the loose livestock. Some are lucky enough to be able to run quickly out of the clinic’s door. However, an unlucky few become cornered by the bull with no room to escape the confrontational cow.

Without a way to escape, the group of patients huddle in the corner as the beast aggressively thrashes around the room. Several people become caught up in the bull’s destruction. A couple receives beatings and battering by the animal’s strong head and hooves. Moments later, a couple of heroes burst into the room where they are able to grab the leashed steer and protect the individuals in danger.

The Cow Gets to “Moo-ving”

The viral video then turns to show the outside of the building. Bystanders can be seen trying to talk down the irate cow. In order to navigate the beast out of the waiting room, people begin making distracting noises. You can hear the individuals outside shouting, whooping, and hollering as they try to get the animal to exit.

According to local news, the Good Samaritans’ actions pay off as no one receives serious injuries from the attack. Unfortunately, one woman did receive minor contusions from the cow trampling her body. The female victim is the only person to sustain an injury. However, the bull caused some destruction of property, including two motorcycles and several office chairs.