WATCH: Coyote Shows Off Crazy Hops, Clears Tall Backyard Fence With Ease

by Jonathan Howard

This video might be the nightmare of every backyard farmer in the country. A wily coyote hopping a six-foot fence with a simple leap. While we like to think our fences and barriers keep our little critters safe, it never hurts to have a watchful eye on the outdoors. Coyotes are clever and they know a lot more about how to get around neighborhoods and human obstacles than we give them credit for.

When I see something like this it makes me want to double-check on my chicken flock. There are just a few seconds that a predator needs in order to wreak havoc on a backyard coop. It’s a scary thought, but it is also a reality. Some people do a lot to combat coyotes and other predators. From spreading urines of various types around the property to getting livestock guardian dogs, and even more techy solutions.

Coyote Leaps Over Fence

The point is, that there is a lot you can do to fight off predators. However, when they can do things like this, it makes it incredibly difficult.

Dogs of all kinds are really talented jumpers and leapers. There are competitions to see how high and far dogs can jump. Clearly, this animal could clear an even taller fence than this. It took just one little pounce and he was on the top of that fence. If it has something to pull up or climb on, there is no telling what heights this canine could go.

People in the Pecan Grove, TX community were made aware of the video. Being told to be aware that these coyotes do live in the area and it is important to pay attention. They could be in your own backyard. If you have pets, chickens, or small children, then it is very important to keep those eyes open. It only takes a moment for things to go from good to bad.

Squirrel Is On the Menu

So, you have coyotes in your area. Don’t freak out just yet. There are many things out in the world, including suburbia that coyotes snack on. So, they won’t always be coming for your flock, dog, cat, or kids. In fact, I’d argue that there are a lot easier meals than those listed out there in the wild. And even in our very own backyards.

A resident in Suburb, USA found a disturbing sight in their backyard. A coyote was on the prowl and was able to secure a tasty squirrel. The poor thing struggled for a second ad then the wild canine did its job and put the little one out of its misery. Much better than chowing down on Fido or Ms. Kitty down the street, eh?

If you want to check out that video you can check it out over here. It’s a little graphic so be warned.