WATCH: Crocodile Death Rolls Zookeeper’s Arm in Stunt Gone Horribly Wrong

by Amy Myers

No matter how well you’ve trained a wild animal, sticking your whole hand in its mouth just isn’t a smart move. Unfortunately, for some, this is a lesson they have to learn firsthand, like this gentleman who tested his fingers’ fate with a crocodile.

The failed trick surfaced on social media when a user named Figen posted the clip on Twitter. We don’t know exactly where the incident took place, but no matter what the environment, crocodiles always have the potential to injure or kill anyone who ventures too close. Still, the likely zookeeper decided to test his luck and risk his hand by sticking it in the waiting mouth of the giant reptile.

And, well, you can probably guess what happens next.

Just seconds after the man put his hand between the rows of razor-sharp teeth, the crocodile quickly snapped its jaws shut and began to roll.

If you don’t know, this is actually a very common tactic among crocodiles when they manage to snatch up prey in the water or even on land. The literal death roll disorients the unfortunate creature and makes them less capable of fighting back or escaping.

And there was no chance this man was getting his hand back.

Take a look.

Is the Clip Fake?

At first, the man rolled with the crocodile in an attempt to keep his arm intact, but once the reptile kept flipping, it managed to sever his hand from the rest of his arm.

Some folks wondered whether the clip was real or if the zookeeper had somehow faked the loss of his hand. But one viewer was confident that the incident was excruciatingly real:

“No, this is real. the arm is dislocated on the first turn and is held on by nothing but tendons and flesh. takes another few turns to break the tendons,” they wrote.

Viewers Deem Crocodile Handler ‘Heavily Stupid’

Obviously, we can’t blame the animal for this accident. Gruesome as it was, the crocodile was only doing what its instinct told it to. It’s unclear just what happened to the man following the incident, but we imagine it involved a speedy trip to the nearest hospital and some time to think long and hard about the decisions he made.

Not surprisingly, the incident warranted some harsh reviews on Twitter.

“I mean, what did you think was going to happen?” one person rightfully asked.

Another person commented on the brutal nature of the clip, wondering, “Sometimes I don’t know why you share posts where people are obviously heavily injured.”

But some other view corrected them, saying “I would rephrase. I would change heavily injured with heavily stupid.”

A different viewer captured the crocodile’s reaction with the iconic reptile from Peter Pan.