WATCH: Crocodile Tries to Steal a Wild Boar From a Hungry Tiger

by Sean Griffin

In this insane video footage, a tiger wrestles a wild boar to the ground as it attempts to take it down as prey. However, a crocodile lurks in the background and then tries to pounce on both the tiger and the boar.

The tiger, sensing it may be in danger, drags the boar further away. However, the crocodile continues lurking behind.

The video abruptly ends before we see the rest of the encounter and what ends up happening to the boar. We assume the tiger eventually ran off with the boar or that the crocodile gave up. However, it’s fun to imagine that the tiger and crocodile dueled over the boar.

“Wildlife has its own survival rules..let’s not intrude,” Surender Mehra writes in his caption to the post.

“Full video please,” one user requested, wanting to see more of the interaction between the three animals. Others seemed to like how the video leaves a little bit of a cliffhanger for the audience. One person wrote: “Interesting video. Leaves people guessing…’who killed who?'”

Another user wrote that the video was exactly what they wanted to see on their Twitter feed. They commented “Gold standard video. awesome!!!”

Crocodile with Decapitated Antelope Head Parades In Front of Tourists

In a viral video posted to Instagram, a crocodile is seen walking across a roadway with a decapitated antelope head in its mouth.

“Oh my God,” the people videoing the scene say as they behold the behemoth creature casually moseying along with the antelope head dangling from its grip. Another man on the safari trip starts laughing at the bizarre sight.

The video serves as a reminder of a crocodile’s prowess as a predator. Unfortunately for the antelope, it met its end in a violent way. You could assume the croc jumped into action while the antelope drank from a nearby body of water. However, there are plenty of ways the beast could’ve wound up with the antelope head. Yet, the crocodile ventures along and drags the antelope head with it.

One user agreed that the crocodile seems to be showing off his meal to the bystanders, seemingly on a safari trek. A line of cars watches the croc. Some take videos of the peculiar scene from the safety of their vehicles.

Plenty of Instagram users commented on the post, voicing their takes and jokes on the incredible moment.

“Hey buddy, where ya head-ing?” one commenter joked with a cheesy pun.

“Don’t mind him, just grabbing a souvenir,” another wrote.

“Thought this was an octopus at first” another user asked. Apparently, they did, because that comment garnered 271 likes and seven replies.

Another user sarcastically wondered about the well-being over the poor deer. “Was the antelope okay?” they jokingly asked. It’s safe to say the antelope was not okay.