WATCH: Curious Bear Climbs into Woman’s Car, Gets in Driver’s Seat in Viral Video

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

It’s certainly a shocking sight to see a large black bear breaking into a vehicle parked in a residential neighborhood. However, we’re not sure if the best reaction to a moment like this is to yell at the massive wild animal. This is exactly what one woman did recently. The shocking moment comes as she catches a video of a curious bear climbing into the driver’s seat of a vehicle parked outside in a home’s driveway.

A Hungry Bear Checks Neighborhood Vehicles For Some Delicious Goodies

A curious – and hungry – bear was looking for some goodies when it found its way inside a car. The entire incident is shared in a recent video. In this video, the stealthy bear breaks into a truck looking for food. However, its moment of burglary was cut short as one passer-by decided to give the bear a shout…and some stern orders. Quickly sending the animal on its way.

As the video begins, we see the large black bear as it walks up to the vehicle almost as if it has done this sort of thing regularly. There’s no moment of confusion or pause from the bear as it stands up on its back legs. It expertly reaches for the door handle. In one expert move, the bear opens the driver’s side door of the vehicle. Then, it climbs right in…looking right at home.

“Get Out, Get Out!”

As the video continues we can tell the woman filming the incident isn’t about to sit back and let the bear hang out in the vehicle. After all, we have all seen the stories about cars that have been torn up after a bear gets trapped inside!

The woman quickly pulls over and exits her own vehicle. Stepping right up to the curious bear as it sits inside the truck, having just found some goodies. In a move that we can’t tell is a brave one or a dangerous one, the woman starts shouting for the bear to hop out of the vehicle. Before calling for any kind of help.

“Hey! Hey!” we can hear the woman scream as her camera continues to capture the video of the event.

“No, no, noooo!” she shouts at the animal while approaching the truck.

Soon, we see the bear in the clip with a bag of chips in its mouth as the woman scolds the animal telling it to “get out” of the vehicle. It’s a tense moment for most viewers as we notice just how close this bystander is to the furry thief as it searches the truck for food.

The bear eventually drops the bag of chips and heeds the woman’s scolding words. It pauses for a bit as it prepares to jump out of the truck. Once it does exit the vehicle, however, the bear heads off, running in the opposite direction.