WATCH: Curious Bear Goes Viral After Wrestling With Someone’s Bird Feeder

by Sean Griffin

When someone says the word “bear” in Alabama, the first thought might not be the Eastern black bears that roam the state. One’s immediate thought might be legendary Alabama Crimson Tide football coach Bear Bryant.

However, another Alabama bear is going viral after a hilarious showdown between the beast and a bird feeder.

In this viral video, this behemoth takes on a bird feeder, trying to get to the goods at the top. Unfortunately for him, however, he remains unsuccessful after several attempts. He jumps on his hind legs, straining for the feeding containers at the top of the pole. The video was posted to Facebook by user Heather Fath Messick.

“My neighbor built a new birdfeeder that is a lot higher than the last one,” Facebook user Heather Faith Messick wrote. “The bear is trying to bring it down.”

The footage she shared online shows the bear grabbing and shaking the bird feeder’s tall pole before turning its face toward Messick. Despite the bear’s best efforts, the feeder remained standing at the end of the 25-second video clip. The clip ends with the animal sitting on the lawn in defeat.

The video took place in Saraland, Alabama, a few miles outside of Mobile. It had been viewed more than 200,000 times. It racked up hundreds of reactions from amused social media users.

“He said I’m going to figure this thing out lol,” one person commented. He never quite did though.

Bear Tries to Reach Bird Feeder But Can’t Quite Reach

Other social media users identified with the moment the beast turned toward the camera. It reminded them of a character breaking the fourth wall.

“I love how he looked at you,” another person wrote. “Like a kid asking for help with something just out of reach.”

Messick said her neighborhood is no stranger to these sightings, according to WKRG and

“I have seen this bear a lot of times over the past couple of weeks, especially,” Messick told “It can be morning, afternoon, middle of the day. It doesn’t matter.”

The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources urges homeowners to “remove deer and bird feeders at the first sighting of bear activity.”

The department also encourages folks to never leave grills or pet food outside unattended. They stress the importance of putting in secure outdoor containers. Bears are common in southern Alabama; however, they don’t stick around areas long if they can’t find food.

Black bears are common throughout many parts of the United States. Along with the brown bear, they are one of two modern bear species not currently classified as endangered.

Since the video was captured in Alabama, the species was most likely the Florida black bear. They are most commonly located in Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi.