WATCH: Curious Bear Nibbles on Hunter’s Shoe in Tree Stand

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

When perched in a tree stand during hunting season hunters need to be very quiet and incredibly still. All as the wildlife go about its business. This is the best way for a hunter to ensure they will be landing a prized trophy. However, one hunter has shared a video showing that he was a little too good at this skill as a curious black bear decides to nibble on the hunter’s boot.

Stay Still! Stay Very, Very Still!

A curious bear recently gave a hunter a big shock as it quietly sneaks up on the tree stand. And, before the hunter even knows what’s happening, the rambunctious animal begins to gnaw on his shoe.

But what is a hunter to do when a bear comes wandering around the tree stand like this? Do these curious creatures respond to stern “shoos” while gnawing on a shoe? Well, it looks like that’s just what this Canadian hunter did, sending the unexpected tree-stand visitor on its way.

Wildlife Officials Fire Paintballs In An Effort To Free Bear Trapped Under The Porch Of A Colorado Home

The bear visiting a hunter in the tree stand is certainly an unusual moment. However, even though visits such as these may be uncommon, they are certainly not impossible! And, one curious black bear in Colorado found itself in a precarious situation recently after a visit to an area home led to the wild animal getting stuck under the porch.

Then, after wildlife officials tried multiple ideas to free the bear, they settled on a unique fix. The officers decided to pull in a certain type of ammunition to send the curious animal on its way..paintball guns!

“Today’s @COParksWildlife #wildlife #rescue story is of a bear that wedged itself deep under a porch near #ColoradoSprings Sunday,” notes a recent Twitter post from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Southeast Region (CPW).

“CPW Officer Corey Adler avoided handling the bear,” the tweet continues.

“Hazing it saved it a critical “strike” under CPW policy,” the post adds. Then the tweet invites the viewer to listen to the audio in the shocking video. Paying attention as the officer “talks to the bear throughout” the incident.

“Officer Adler’s goal is to avoid tranquilizing and handling the bear,” officials note in a statement to The Sacramento Bee.

“Handling a bear gives a ‘strike,’” the statement continues. “And requires it be put down if it gets in trouble again.”

To avoid giving the unexpected visitor the “strike” officers first use tasers to free the bear. Then the paintballs are brought in. Once the bear crawled out from under the porch, officers followed the animal into the woods for around 8 minutes.

“Officials hope hazing the bear will give it a healthy fear of people,” the officers note “And keep it away from homes.”