WATCH: Curious Bear Swipes Pizza Hut Pie Off the Table

by Megan Molseed

Recently, two Kentucky men got the shock of their lives as they took a moment to enjoy a delicious Pizza Hut pizza. It seems that these two hungry men weren’t the only ones craving some of that Pizza Hut cheesy deliciousness, thorough. When, as they tried to relax and enjoy a few slices on an outdoor patio one evening, a hungry black bear decided to pay them a visit.

The entire incident was recorded via CCTV footage and a few candid clips. Each one tells the story of one hungry Kentucky bear.

@kycatmanoutdoors Hazards of ordering pizza in eastern Kentucky!!!!!##bear #mountainlife #pizzahut #benhamschoolhouseinn ♬ original sound – Jim’s Ky outdoors

As the clip begins, we see a recorded video of the hungry bear as it saunters up a ramp. Headed towards the outdoor diners. The video moves to a different perspective as we see the men relaxing in the outdoor seating. When they notice the bear, they freeze up…attempting to move the Pizza Hut goodies from the bear’s reach. However, this does very little to deter the bear.

The next clip shows the bear enjoying his Pizza Hut prize, snacking away as the two men look on. Clearly, it’s one of those situations that end up being so wild they don’t even know how to react.

@kycatmanoutdoors Don’t pet the fluffy dogs!!!!! #rosannehut#cumberlandky ♬ original sound – daquan

This was certainly a close call that ended very well for the men and the bear. After all, any incident is a good one when you get a Pizza Hut pizza at the end!

A Clueless Nature Photographer Has A Close-Call With A Black Bear And He Doesn’t Even Know It!

Recently, one nature photographer was so focused on what was on the other end of his fancy camera lens than what was happening right next to him. This photographer’s close call was caught on video recently and shared on social media.

In the shocking Instagram clip, the nature photographer stands on the side of a road, taking pictures of something that is just off-screen. As the photographer snaps the photos, they are completely oblivious to the black bear that saunters right on past.

The Wild Animal Seems Just As Oblivious As The Photographer

Things certainly could have gotten a bit scary as the photographer is completely oblivious to the jaywalker. The bear very well could have had an issue with the photographer for whatever reason. However, the bear appears to be just as oblivious to its own surroundings, ignoring the man as it continues to the other side of the road.