WATCH: Curious Giraffe Joins Safari Proposal, Puts Woman in a Neck Brace

by Amy Myers

A romantic proposal turned into a hilarious moment to remember when a giraffe literally butted into the situation. While on safari, a woman watched in awe as her fiance-to-be pulled a ring out of his pocket and secured it on her finger. All the while, a long-necked bystander wanted to get a closer look at the rock for itself, knocking the woman’s head back.

She came home with a band on her finger and a brace on her neck.

Even though the sweet moment ended with a moderate injury, TikToker Montserrat Cox still couldn’t resist posting her proposal fail online. Pairing it with the typical “Oh no, no, no” music (you know the one), Cox broke down the moment when the giraffe intervened into a few crucial pictures that showed just how forcefully the animal knocked her back.

Thankfully, Cox has since fully recovered and now has a one-of-a-kind proposal story.

“Had to wear a neck brace for the next few days, but still the best proposal ever,” the excited bride-to-be captioned the clip.

@montserratcox Had to wear a neck brace for the next few days, but still the best proposal ever 💍 #engagement #fail #proposal #proposalfail #safari #giraffe ♬ Oh no, oh no, oh no, no no – Hip Hop

Not surprisingly, the TikTok video caused quite the uproar online. Responses ranged from sympathetic to ecstatic, and a few were even a bit suspicious. Worried that the giraffe’s head butt was an omen of a bad marriage, some viewers warned Cox to rethink her answer to the popped question. But the happily-engaged woman responded, “No friends, it’s not a sign of anything. We’ve been very happy together for seven years. The giraffe was only being a giraffe.”

She then asked future viewers to leave only good vibes and comments going forward.

As for her injury, she explained, “It hurt for a couple days, but I was so happy I didn’t notice!”

Other TikTokers Give a Much Wackier Reading of the Giraffe

Meanwhile, fellow viewers decided to fill in the giraffe’s perspective during the proposal fail, and the responses broke down into two schools of thought: the giraffe was jealous or it was excited for the bride.

One viewer narrated, “giraffe was like: you can do the ring part, but i’m doing the kissing part.”

Another even suspected the animal would be in the wedding.

“She was like ‘GIRL LET ME SEE THE RING!!’ Bridesmaid perhaps,” the TikToker shared.

A third suggested, “Nah that giraffe was straight up trying to steal the spotlight.”

In actuality, the giraffe was likely just asserting dominance, as they often with each other and even zookeepers. Given that her partner had lowered himself onto one knee, she was the next available contender.

Lesson learned – if a giraffe intrudes on your proposal, duck.