WATCH: Deer Chows Down on Rabbit While Friends Watch in Awe

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

It is not every day that you see a deer deciding to chow down on a tasty rabbit, but this viral video definitely lets you see it. As you will be able to tell, the red deer is mighty hungry. Once he gets a hold of this rabbit, then he’s going to eat it up. Think of it as a happy meal for a deer. But this video might just give you some reason to wonder why this happened. We do not see the rabbit before he starts to get eaten.

Maybe the rabbit was scampering across the grass, minding his own business. Then, well, he becomes a snack for this deer. Once the deer starts eating the rabbit, he is not going to stop. That meal just tastes so good. And hey, you also get a chance to see the deer’s friends watch this happen. They don’t really know what to think about mealtime.

Who knows? Maybe some of them would just love to taste rabbit. Why doesn’t this red deer share with his buddies? Well, all of that will need to be hashed out. Deer might have their own specific form of communication between them.

Deer Is Totally Focused On Eating This Rabbit In The Video

We all can see this one deer just going to town with this meal. He’s not paying any attention to his friends. The only thing on this deer’s mind is eating. And he definitely does it quite well. But this old deer was not going to be denied eating this rabbit. Again, we don’t know how the rabbit was captured. That part remains a mystery. Yet the deer just loves to eat this rabbit. He’s moved on from salad at least for this day.

Some commenters were quite lively with their thoughts. One wrote, “Well that’s a first”. Maybe the person was talking about seeing this take place for the first time in their life. We admit that we’ve never seen an animal like this one munch down on a rabbit like this before in our lives, too. This person said, “Deer thinking ‘holy s**t this is way better than salad.'” Oh yeah, rabbit meat is going to be better than a leafy salad. Rabbit probably adds some vitality to this animal’s life.

Well, we get a chance to hear the videographer of this moment. He’s just really interested in this event. Heck, he probably will never see something like this again. Just like you and me.