WATCH: Deer Crashes Through Bus Windshield, And the Driver Is Completely Unfazed

by Caitlin Berard

Bus drivers have a deceptively demanding job. Driving isn’t an inherently difficult task, but driving a bus is a different matter entirely. From dealing with drunken and disorderly passengers to sharing the road with irresponsible drivers to shouldering the responsibility of safely transporting others to their desired destinations, bus drivers are no strangers to stress.

So when a projectile deer comes careening through the front window? Well, it’s just another day at the office. At least, that’s what this unflustered driver’s reaction would lead you to believe.

Oklahoma native Alicia Sutton was just starting her early morning shift when the unexpected passenger came aboard. Incredibly, a deer smashing through a nearby window barely drew a reaction from the driver. She simply looked over at the deer, opened the door, and let it back out again.

“My first reaction was, did that just happen?” Sutton recalled, per WRAL. “And I was talking to it trying to calm him down.”

According to Alicia Sutton, the non-reaction to the airborne deer came as a result of shock. Upon further reflection, however, the driver realized that she could’ve been seriously injured by the surprise passenger. “I was okay until I watched the tape myself and saw how close it was to ending up in my lap with me,” Sutton explained.

Thankfully, Sutton and the deer were separated by a plexiglass door, which kept her safe from both the glass and terrified deer. Additionally, she hadn’t even reached her first stop of the morning, as she was a mere two minutes into her shift. As such, no passengers were affected by the confused woodland creature.

Bus Manager Praises Driver for ‘Perfect’ Handling of Deer Collision

A bus accidentally hitting a deer? Probably not all that uncommon. But a deer hitting a bus? It’s a slightly more unusual occurrence, to say the least. Hilariously, however, Alicia Sutton’s manager was so impressed by what he saw that he plans to use the footage to train other drivers.

After watching the incident unfold, Lattes general manager Ryan Landers was nothing short of stunned by his employee’s exemplary handling of the unusual situation. “I love the way, and really appreciate the way, our driver reacted and how she dealt with the whole situation,” he said.

“I’ll be perfectly honest, I’m not sure if I would have been able to do that. She handled it perfectly,” he continued. “And we’re going to use this video, you know, for a number of years for training purposes.”

Clearly, it can happen. One can only hope, however, that future drivers’ “runaway deer” training doesn’t come in handy very often.