WATCH: Deer Family Brings High School Football Game to a Halt

by Megan Molseed

I guess even deer are loving the excitement of the Friday night lights high school football fall tradition. We’ve heard of rain delays, sure. However, we don’t often see the deer delay that one Washington state high school football team saw last week.

A referee had to call time out recently during a Friday night high school football game in Cheney Washington as a family of deer decided it was their turn to take the field. During the game, the doe and two other fawns ran onto the turf, interrupting the game.

The hilarious footage recorded by a high school football fan in attendance depicts the wayward trio. It’s a hilarious clip as we watch the deer family as they take over the freshman football team’s third quarter during the first game of the 2022-2023 football season.

In the video, we see the football players from both teams join their coaches and the referees as try and “shoo” the wayward runners off the field. Eventually, spectators join in as well.

The Mother Deer Wasn’t Going To Leave Her Fawns Alone On The Busy Football Field

As the deer took the field, it became clear that all three of the animals each had a different idea regarding what they needed to do. As a result, they were all three scattered about as the teams, the officials, and the fans tried to shoo the trio away.

The doe and one of her fawns stayed fairly close together. However, one ventured further away. And confusion ensued as the doe tried to gather up her little one before leaving the high school football field.

“They ended up finally charging down the center of the football field to reunite,” one spectator says of the unusual spectacle. Overall, this may have been the most exciting moment for the home team and the supporting fans. The game finished 32-0 in favor of the visiting Gonzaga Prep Bullpups.

A Michigan Sale Crashes The Sales Floor At A Local Dollar General

A Jackson Micihagan deer must’ve been on the lookout for some good deals recently as it wandered the aisles of a Dollar General store. One shopper, Connie Macguiness, captured the shocking video as the white-tailed doe perused the aisles, looking for an escape.

“I was shopping and I heard a commotion coming from the front of the store,” she says of the unusual break-in. “I heard people calling out ‘Oh no!’”, MacGuiness recalls.

MacGuinness recalls how she turned around to find the doe walking down the aisle straight toward her.

“I was stunned for a quick minute,” the shopper relates. “Then got out my phone.”

Within a few minutes of reporting the unusual patron, the JPD and Jackson County Animal Control personnel arrived on the scene. After about 20 minutes, the doe was guided back outside through the sliding front doors. The same way it was believed to have entered in the first place.