WATCH: Deer Invade Colorado High School Football Field, Delay Game

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by: Arterra/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

A deer and fawn forced a high school football game to pause when they darted onto the field during a Friday night game.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife tweeted a video of the two deer disrupting the October 7th matchup. Players and officials for the pair to leave the Durango High School field.

“Doing a little film breakdown of the game last night,” the caption cheekily begins. “You can see some elite hesitation moves and then a jump cut to the right to fake out the defense and get to the sideline for the score.”

The funny caption concludes by saying: “These deer brought their A-game for homecoming in Durango.”

Two different angles of the hilarious encounter can be seen below.

The video shows the fawn chasing after its mother as they wander off the field.

Since the video was posted on Saturday, a few users have retweeted the hilarious footage.

Durango is located in the southwest corner of Colorado.

Golfers in Shock as Deer Face Off Against Coyote With a Crowd of Turkeys Watching

In this hilarious video, golfers stand by in shock as two deer face off against a coyote with a crowd of turkeys watching.

The video was reposted by Golf Digest’s Instagram page after being originally posted by user “@julian.marco.”

The chaotic footage starts with the camera focusing on a coyote hiding behind a tree. Two deer stand on the opposite side of the tree, waiting to confront the coyote. Eventually, one deer makes its way behind the tree and spooks the coyote. As the animal moves out of the way of one deer and toward the other, the other deer darts backward.

However, the brave deer continues to confront the coyote. The deer runs toward it again, eventually forcing the coyote to run across the green and nearer to another golfer. That golfer stands and watches the coyote, who still eyes the deer in the distance.

It’s not certain what prompted the incident, whether the coyote tried to attack one of the deer or if the deer were protecting the group of turkeys from the animal. Regardless, the footage is priceless.

You can watch the video below.

Plenty of Instagram users took to the comment section to share their thoughts on the wild encounter.

“Pet the puppy,” one person wrote.

“Is this a zoo or a golf course?!” another commenter said.

“Golf is already hard enough,” another user joked.

“The best part was the guy who flubbed the shot straight at the deer,” one person commented.

“That guy was way too trusting of the coyote,” a final user wrote. “Surprised [it] didn’t take a bite out of his leg.”