WATCH: Deer Leaves Shoppers Stunned After Breaking Into a Dollar General

by Craig Garrett

A deer in Jackson, Michigan was on the prowl for low prices, as a video shows the wild animal wandering the aisles of a dollar store. Recently, shoppers were pleasantly surprised when a female white-tailed deer wandered into their local Dollar General store.

Footage of the event was shared on the Mlive Youtube channel.

Connie Macguiness was shopping that day and managed to grab the video of the price-conscious deer. “I was shopping and I heard a commotion coming from the front of the store,” she told Mlive. “I heard people calling out ‘Oh no!’”, she said.

MacGuinness recalled that she turned around to see the deer walking directly toward her down the aisle. “I was stunned for a quick minute, then got out my phone,” MacGuinness explained.

Elmer Hitt, director of Jackson Police and Fire Services, said the department received a report of the animal’s escapades at around 12:46 p.m. on August 19th. Within a few minutes, JPD and Jackson County Animal Control personnel arrived. They did their best to assist with the deer’s release from the store. “It seemed as scared as we were, but it didn’t run around or seem upset,” MacGuinness said.

MacGuiness was told by another shopper that they saw a deer walk into the store through an open sliding door located at the front of the building. After about 20 minutes, the deer was finally guided outside by police. This was after they barricaded the aisles with boxes and carts. Reportedly, the doe left without purchasing any items.

Deer Often Try to Go Indoors This Time of Year

Deer can actually get more active this time of year due to a number of factors. There were actually many break-ins of this type a few years ago in Mississippi. Chad Dacus, a Bureau Chief with the Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks explains that deer are often found in urban areas because they don’t need much space to live. They’re also not solely interested in air conditioning as many people believe; instead, they simply relocate to where new neighborhoods form.

“We’re actually seeing another peak of movement right now,” Dacus told WLBT 3 at the time. “And this is one of those times where you’re going to start seeing deer along the roadsides. I’ve actually seen a lot more deer on the roadsides going home in the evenings, going to work in the mornings, and it’s because of all the vegetation – like I said, that native vegetation, their native food source, is basically starting to deplete from the summer.”

“It all has to do with food right now. Things have quit growing. They see an opening but don’t see the glass, and they crash through the glass,” Dacus explained. “It can also happen if they see a reflection in that glass, and they think it’s another deer, and they want to fight with them.”