Deer Perfectly Hurdles Shopping Carts Before Smashing Through Louisiana Store Window

by Emily Morgan

One animal had no-eye-deer what it got itself into after it found itself trapped in a Louisiana store. In recent footage, viewers see a trapped deer leaping over shopping carts before taking off through a window. The video, posted by Lisa Lindsey via Facebook, shows the deer running around the Liquidation Outlet in West Monroe, Louisiana.

In the clip, Lindsey said: “Never know what you will see while shopping… Deer joined us while shopping… busted in the front glass door and busted out the side window when leaving.”

At the beginning of the clip, viewers can hear concerned patrons in the background as the scared animal runs around, looking for an exit.

Lindsey, filming the video, says: “He’s just a little deer.” The deer scrambles around the store as a man in the background shouts: “Open the door!”

Lindsey follows the deer with the camera as it makes its way to the front of the store. However, the deer makes a detour and misses the exit. Then, it hurdles itself over a row of shopping carts. It then flies into a window and falls.

Later, it begins banging its body against the window, panicking to get out as soon as possible. Finally, it eventually manages to smash the window, then scurries away.

The deer escapes through the broken window and can be seen taking off across the store parking lot. In a comment on the Facebook post, Lindsey said that other customers were “freaking out.” She also said customers wanted to call “the law” to come and remove the freaked-out deer.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries estimates the deer population in the state to be at least half a million. The most common species found in the state is the white-tailed variety.

Woman has heartfelt moment with deer via her Ring camera

Across the country in Pennsylvania, a woman also had a moment with a deer when her Ring Doorbell camera showed a deer grazing in her front yard.

The moment was captured at the homeowner’s property in Indiana, Pennsylvania, while she was away from home.

After the unnamed homeowner got a Ring alert on their phone, the woman saw the animal having a snack in her garden. Then, the woman speaks to the animal through the Ring camera and startles the deer.

“Hey! What are you doing?” the woman asks the deer, looking around for the human. In the clip, it’s evident that the animal is confused.

“What are you doing?” the woman asks once again. “Are you eating my bushes? Are you eating my bushes? Okay, good morning. Just eat those bushes.”

As the homeowner continues to speak to the doe, the animal’s ears turn back as it continues to listen to the homeowner. At one point, the doe starts to move forward towards the sound of her voice coming through the camera. The woman assures the animal they’re okay, saying, “Hi! Hi! It’s okay.”