WATCH: Deer Pulls Off Slick Juke Move on Coyote in Trail Cam Video

by Will Shepard

A whitetail deer and a coyote were recently caught on trail camera having an interesting interaction. The trail camera shows a coyote eating underneath a tree while a deer slyly evades the coyote.

This certainly is reminiscent of old Looney Tunes cartoons where one animal is trying to catch another. But, this experience is much less like a cartoon and much more about a sneaky appearance from a deer.

Trail cameras often catch crazy things on video. And this scenario is no different.

The video is from a Cave Springs, Arkansas man named Tim Martin. He managed to capture the moment in his backyard. When he was checking the videotape, he was certainly not disappointed at his findings.

Coyote Given the Slip by a Passing Deer on a Trail Camera

The video is shot in the middle of the night, and it centers on a coyote eating beneath a large tree. There isn’t visible snow on the ground, and the sounds of the forest are alive.

The coyote is scrounging around for food and then suddenly jumps back a bit and turns to its left. At that moment, you can see the faint shape of a deer run across the bottom-left part of the screen. The coyote is certainly aware of the deer’s presence but is unperturbed. Quickly, it goes back to eating as if nothing happened.

Tim Martin explains how cool it was to see this interaction in his backyard the next morning.

“Until we utilized this trail camera we had no idea such wildlife visited our yard late at night, especially in such a highly residential area. I would recommend using your article and this footage to suggest that others install a trail camera on their property line as well because this really brings nature much closer to home than we ever expected.”

It is important to note that coyotes do hunt deer. Even though it is rarely a documented hunting tactic for coyotes, a full pack can take down a whitetail deer.

Most of the occurrences of coyotes taking a whitetail are in the winter. Additionally, coyotes will only hunt living deer if they are in a pack. So, with this coyote being on its own, it likely knows that it has no chance at catching the whitetail running away. It is more likely that lone coyotes like this one will feed on a dead deer rather than work to kill a living whitetail.