WATCH: Deer Smashes Into South Carolina Restaurant, Wreaks Havoc

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

If you think you are having a bad day, then you haven’t seen this poor deer get loose inside this South Carolina restaurant. In this viral video, you can tell things are not going the deer’s way. First up, we see him get inside the front door. Once he does, then this is where the fun starts. The video is part of the security footage from 521 Filling Station in Kershaw, South Carolina.

As you can tell, the deer is not fully equipped to stand up. It’s like the animal finds its own slip-and-slide course to follow. He’s lost and probably very scared, too. The humans are not too sure about what’s going down here. Second, the deer goes from the front door into the restaurant. Maybe he was going to order some eggs and bacon with a side of grits. You know, some coffee to go along with it.

Deer Loses Its Footing A Whole Lot In Restaurant

Also, you get to hear the voices of those security guys watching the video. They start cracking up when seeing the deer kind of slip and slide his way around on the floor. He doesn’t have any sure footing underneath him, that’s for sure. Third, we do get to see someone trying to capture the deer. A person in a red jacket holds their hand out.

Maybe they were just looking to offer the deer a way out of the jam he found himself in at the time. Another person, a woman in a green jacket, gets near the deer. But neither is able to corral the animal themselves. We see the deer try to make a getaway at a dinner table. We think that he looks outside and tries to escape. But he cannot tell there’s some glass there. He hits the plane of glass and falls backward.

Once he’s down on the ground underneath the table, there appears to be more activity. The animal attempts to get out but, again, he cannot keep his feet. The person in the green jacket pulls the table away. That does make room for the deer. Yet the animal ends up on his back. The two women then grab the deer and start dragging it back toward the front door. A man then steps up and takes over the job. We end up seeing the deer head out toward the great outdoors again. Thankfully, it does look like this deer situation appears to have a happy ending.