WATCH: Deer With Snout Stuck in Gatorade Bottle Tranquilized, Rescued

by Lauren Boisvert

A deer wandered out of the woods with a Gatorade bottle stuck on its nose on Tuesday, and Georgia wildlife officials were able to successfully tranquilize the deer and remove the bottle. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources made a post about the incident on Facebook, opening with a joke to lighten the mood.

“Gatorade: Is it in you? Deer: No, but it is stuck on my snout,” the department wrote. They then recounted the incident, sharing a video of the deer, plus photos of officials removing the bottle.

“Our Urban Wildlife Program staff received a call regarding a doe that had part of a Gatorade bottle stuck on her nose,” Georgia DNR wrote. “Luckily for the doe, it was just stuck on the top part of her snout, so she was still able to breathe, eat and drink normally.”

The video shows the deer coming out of the woods, bending its head to nose at something on the ground. “However,” Georgia DNR continued, “the bottle had begun to cut into her snout. Staff opted to respond on scene. With the assistance of a resident putting out corn for a number of days to draw the doe back into the area, staff were able to dart the deer, remove the bottle and treat the doe’s wounds. The deer was released on site and was last seen headed back towards her fawn.”

A success story all around. The bottle looks extremely worn and dirty, so it’s possible the deer had it on its nose for quite some time. A Facebook user commented that it may have come from someone’s burn pile because it looks slightly charred. If that’s the case, that’s not only dangerous for the deer that’s nosing around after but for humans being around burning plastic at the time.

Deer Crashes Through Bus Window, Driver Completely Unfazed

In other recent outdoor news, a deer took running after the bus to a whole other level. It crashed through a bus windshield in Oklahoma, surprising bus driver Alicia Sutton But, she was totally chill about it. At least, it seems that way on the video. A deer comes flying through her bus window and she reacts quickly, opening the door and letting it out. She later recalled that she was so calm because of shock.

“My first reaction was, did that just happen?” Sutton told WRAL out of Raleigh, NC. “And I was talking to it trying to calm him down.” She said that she watched the video later and only then did the full weight of the incident hit her. That deer definitely could have ended up in the driver’s seat. Luckily, there was a plexiglass sheet between Sutton and the deer. She was protected from flying deer and flying glass. What’s more, is that this happened merely two minutes into Sutton’s shift. What a way to start the day.