WATCH: Deputies Swim Into Reservoir to Rescue Two Women From Sinking SUV

by Sean Griffin

Sheriff deputies in Arapahoe County, Colorado rescued two women from a submerged car on Saturday night.

The county’s sheriff office posted car-cam footage of the incident on their Twitter page. They described the incident in their caption.

“Sheriff deputies rescued 2 women from a submerged car after the driver accidentally drove down a boat ramp into the Cherry Creek reservoir on a foggy night,” the account shared. “The women called 911 as the car was sinking. Deputies arrived and dove in to help. @SouthMetroPIO pulled car out.”

The shocking video shows two officers making their way down the boat ramp and swimming toward the car.

Plenty of Twitter users reacted to the footage in the replies. “Wow!!! Thank God for prayers answered and to those deputies for being right there,” one user wrote.

Another user commended the deputies’ quick response. “Nice work saving lives!” they wrote.

While many comments centered around being thankful the women made it out thanks to the deputies, other commenters went for a comedic angle. Some said the incident reminded them of Michael Scott driving his car into a pond on the television show The Office, reposting gifs of the scene.

“Definitely reminds me of The Office episode that others have put up a gif,” one user wrote.

Thankfully, the deputies were able to get the women to safety.

Deputies Respond to Man Stranded on Car in Raging Floodwaters

Insane videos and photos have emerged after a New Mexico flood left a man stranded on his car in raging floodwaters.

The incident happened early Saturday following an attempted crossing of the Felix River. The Felix River sits between the towns of Dexter and Hagerman, outside of Roswell.

Dexter Fire & Rescue Fire Chief Justin Powell said in a Facebook post that the driver was “quickly overtaken by the fast-moving water.” He said his vehicle was still floating down the stream during the rescue.

“First responders had initially checked [a] crossing finding no one and no vehicle, and immediately spread out to all other crossings to try and locate the victim,” Powell wrote. “Once the vehicle and driver were located approximately 1/4-1/2 mile downstream, Dexter Fire and Police quickly assessed the driver for any injuries and other victims.” 

Video of the rescue shows a first responder attached to a rope as he tries to get a harness on the man. Photos later show the man in waist-deep before finally reaching the shore.

Additionally, Powell provided a warning to all people traveling during floods.

“This morning’s incident should be a huge reality check to anyone who tries to cross any low water crossing when it’s running. It does not take much water flow to push you off roads and carry you away,” Powell added. “This incident could have been much worse and we thank God it wasn’t. No one wants to have to turn a rescue into a recovery.”