WATCH: Dirt Biker Slams Straight Into Black Bear on Idaho Trail

by Lauren Boisvert

A dirt-biker was enjoying a ride on an Idaho trail when he rode right into a black bear cub that suddenly crossed the road in front of him. Jacksonville Beach, Florida resident Logan Sloane was up in Idaho for his third summer in a row when he decided to take to the mountain trails on his dirt bike.

Sloane and his friend planned to ride up into the mountains with chainsaws and clear downed trees on the trails. He lost his jacket on the initial trip and went back the next day by himself to look for it. Speaking with KREM out of Spokane, Sloane said that he was doing about 30 mph on the back side of Silver Mountain when he encountered a bear cub. He caught it all on his GoPro as well.

The video shows Sloane riding along on his bike, trees to the right and left, as well as a steep drop-off to the right side and a view of mountains in the distance. All of a sudden, a black bear cub comes running out of the brush from the left and right into Sloane’s front wheel, which knocks him over. He goes down with his left foot trapped under the back wheel of his bike.

“I’m like, ‘oh God, where’s mom,’” Sloane recalled, referring to the mother bear. If there’s a cub, even an adolescent, there’s usually a mother not too far behind. “[I] go to pull out my gun,” Sloane continued, “put it down on the ground next to me in case angry mom comes back. Then I’m trying to get my foot unstuck. The wheel had actually forced it against the bike. [I] get up, quickly turn around, and kind of evaluate the situation, see if mama bear’s coming or not.”

Dirt-Biker Slams Right into Bear Cub Who Surprised Him On a Mountain Trail, Recalls Encounter

Sloane continued, “Then I realize [the mother bear] isn’t [coming] and kind of gather my head, make sure I’m okay, and go on and get out of there.” He then shared that he’s now carrying bear spray among his usual gear after this incident.

“[I] realized a 9 millimeter wasn’t going to really do anything against a bear,” he said. “But more so the sound I was hoping would scare it away.”

In an interesting turn of events, Sloane then shared that almost the same thing happened to him two days before. The first bear didn’t hit him, and he also wasn’t wearing his GoPro, so he didn’t catch it on camera. “Is it surprising that it happened again?” said Sloane. “Yeah, I was in total shock. I’ve had lots of things run out in front of me, and rocks fall in front of me, and crazy stuff happen. But that’s the first time I’d actually had the GoPro on.”

In the wise words of Dr. Doofenshmirtz: “If I had a nickel every time a bear ran out in front of a dirt-biker, I’d have two nickels. Which isn’t a lot but it’s weird that it happened twice.”