WATCH: Dog Rescued After Falling Through Thin Ice in Washington Lake

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/madcezir)

A chilly dog turned into a lucky dog recently while enjoying the great outdoors. This happened after the pup was seen falling through some thin ice along a Washington lake earlier this week. According to reports, the dog slipped into the currents after attempting to walk across the Seattle-area waters.

The rescuer was sent to the Federal Way Washington area earlier this week. The rescuers were responding after receiving reports of the dog struggling through the waters after falling through the thin ice. Upon arrival, rescuers located the dog about 30 to 40 yards from shore. It was clearly struggling in its attempts to climb out of the water.

The Dog Was Very Wet, And Very Cold

In a video that recently went viral, we can see a rescue swimmer make their way to the pup that is struggling to keep its head above the currents. Not only that but the dog can be seen struggling against the currents trying desperately to pull itself out of the water. However, the attempts aren’t working. And, the canine almost appears to get more and more tired with each try.

The dog emerged from the icy waters very cold…and very wet. However, the animal was otherwise just fine. And very thankful for the quick-thinking rescuers that quickly came to its rescue! This poor pup found itself locked within the ice. A Massachusets pup, however, faced another issue after escaping home…a muddy pond.

Missing Dog Is Found Stuck In A Muddy Massachusetts Pond

Little Louie was missing for two whole days before some eagle-eyed Massachusets residents spotted the 1-year-old dog trapped in a muddy pond. When Louie first went missing, his owners called for help asking anyone to be on the lookout for the young pup. He was spotted within 48 hours, thankfully. However, he was stuck in a rather complicated spot.

According to reports, little Louie had made his way onto Round Pond, a body of water located in the general neighborhood. Unfortunately, the dog found himself stuck in one of the mud pits that were located throughout the Round Pond area. However, these challenges were not about to slow rescuers down. The officials lept into action ready to rescue little Louie.

“Thank you Tewksbury Fire Dept Chief Kearns, Lt Austin, Lt Keddie, FF Temmallo & FF McNamara,” notes a message from the Massachusets animal control Twitter page after Louie’s rescue. The Tweet goes on to note that the rescuers are grateful for all of the assistance in getting Louie “safely out of Round Lake.” The post goes on to thank the sharp-eyed resident who made the initial call after locating the dog.