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WATCH: Dolphin Effortlessly Soars Into the Air as Lucky Anglers Watch in Awe

by Brett Stayton
Dolphin Leaps Out Of Water Near Boat
Photo by Stephen Frink/Getty Images

A video clip out of Australia shows a dolphin catching some serious air. The footage was initially shared on Facebook by professional fisherman/blogger Jason Moyce, who also goes by “Trapman Bermagui” on social media. According to the Miami Herald, the video was recorded off Batemans Bay in New South Whales.

The group of anglers is cruising on top of the bluewater with blue skies above. A pod of dolphins can be seen off the boat’s port side. Then one of them just launches itself out of the sea. It got even higher than the top of the boat. Though dolphins are regularly seen leaping beside boats, it’s rare to see one get that much hang time in the air.

“I’ve seen it many times, but to get it on film is quite hard. A dolphin doing crazy air,” the Australian man wrote with the post.

Why Do Dolphins Go Airborn?

Comments on the social media post began to question why the dolphin was seen flying out of the water. “Happy dolphin! I wonder why?” one person said. Another chimed in that the shark “might have a mako shark on its tail.”

Most scientific understanding of the species indicates that the species behaves like this when they’re just playing around.

“Some believe that dolphins jump while traveling to save energy as going through the air consumes less energy than going through the water. Some others believe that jumping is to get a better view of distant things in the water, mainly prey,” says Dolphin-World.com. “Other explanations suggest that dolphins use jumping to communicate either with a mate or with another pod as they can hear and interpret the splashes.” Other speculation includes that the competitive dolphin could have been trying to challenge the boat to a race.

Stuck Between Rocks Freed By Nice Ladies

At the beginning of January, three British women braved frigid sea conditions to rescue a dolphin that had gotten stuck between some rocks. It took the nice ladies more than 20 minutes to bust the dolphin loose.

“It was pretty tough going,” one of the women said. “Because the sea was rough and we couldn’t get a sure footing on the seabed because of the rocks. The tide was coming in, so we were getting knocked over and having to pick each other up, as well as trying not to stress the dolphin even more. I was telling her she would be ok.” 

They weren’t sure if the animal would bite them or fight back. “She was really heavy,” she continued. “Several times I thought weren’t going to be able to free her, but how can you walk away and watch such a creature suffer? She was a beauty. Seeing her swim off into the distance was a really beautiful moment. We hope she’ll be okay.”