Dolphin Trapped in Shallow Waters Whistles at Guy for Help, And It Works

by Tia Bailey
Photo by Wild Horizons/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

A viral video shows a sweet moment between a dolphin and a man. The animal whistled for help while trapped, and it worked.

The video, shared by The Dodo, the dolphin is trapped in shallow water in England. He is about three miles away from the nearest ocean, and the water is too shallow for him. The video shows the dolphin stuck in mud in the shallow water, a man attempts to free him. However, he is still stuck, and his bottom fins were lodged in the mud. The man notes in the video that the dolphin really can’t move, and he continues trying to help him get out.

Eventually, a team of rescuers came to help out. They got him unstuck, and pulled him half onto shore while pouring water on him to keep him hydrated. They then brought him onto a boat and released him back into deeper water.

The dolphin was able to be returned to a better area.

Dolphin Eats Venomous Sea Snakes

The San Diego National Marine Mammal Foundation conducted a study that showed a favorite snack of dolphins. The study recorded the eating behavior of several Navy-trained dolphins.

Marine mammal scientist Sam Ridgway was originally leading the study. However, he sadly passed away in July.

Throughout the course of the team’s research, they wanted to see if the dolphins that were regularly fed frozen fish in captivity could successfully hunt and catch their prey in open water.

The team then used GoPro cameras to strap to the dolphins to see how they hunted. Although they expected the dolphins to feed on different species of sea bass, they were surprised to see a dolphin chow down eight yellow-bellied sea snakes.

“I’ve read that other large vertebrates rarely prey on the yellow-bellied sea snake,” Dr. Barb Linnehan, director of medicine at the National Marine Mammal Foundation, said in an interview with Business Insider. “There are reports of leopard seals eating and then regurgitating them. This snake does have the potential to cause neurotoxicity after ingestion, and its venom is considered fairly dangerous.”

It was so surprising that the scientists were initially uncertain if what the animal had eaten were actually sea snakes. The researchers eventually decided that the dolphin was most likely exhibiting strange behaviors from being held in captivity.

Video Shows Weird Animal Dynamic

The study reports: “Perhaps the dolphin’s lack of experience in feeding with dolphin groups in the wild led to the consumption of this outlier prey.”

One of the animals had a GoPro strapped just behind its blowhole. The dolphin used echolocation to find the sea snake, and began to hunt it. The video then showed the animal jerking its head as it ate the snake. It finally let out a high-pitched “victory” squeal. It was an interesting thing to see for both scientists and online viewers.