WATCH: Donkey Alerts Sleeping Owner to Goat Friend Trapped in Fence

by Shelby Scott

There are so many reasons to love donkeys. One is that they have a distinct sense of self and are also capable of decision-making. However, they’re also likable because they are just sociable companions and make loyal furry friends. That’s why, when a donkey named Waffles alerted his owner about a trapped friend, the internet fell in love. Meet Waffles the goat rescuer in the clip below.

“You want to know why this donkey is worth his weight in gold?” the hooved creature’s owner asks viewers. “Because he just woke me up from a dead sleep to let me know that this girl was stuck in the fence and screaming.”

Fortunately, freeing the donkey’s friend was no difficult feat. With the goat’s head shoved through one gap in the fence and her horns stuck in another, the creature’s owner simply had to cut one of the wires in the fence. In doing so, her head was free and she was able to move freely about her own enclosure.

Meanwhile, donkey lovers celebrated the empathetic equine in the Reddit thread.

“I didn’t know I loved donkeys until right now,” one Reddit user wrote. An experienced equine owner contributed, “Donkeys & mules are so affectionate and smart…but they will also f—k any perceived predators up. My family has always had mules and the sweetest ones love getting brushed and giving big ol’ hugs. They’re the best.”

Donkey Shows Off Musical Talents In Viral TikTok

Some donkeys, like Waffles, have proven themselves as talented security guards. Many have been known to come to the aid of other animals and defend against invaders when necessary. Meanwhile, other braying equine have pursued a more creative trade.

Waffles found fame on Reddit. However, another donkey, named Monte—or more commonly Monte the Singing Donkey—has become a viral sensation on TikTok.

Monte is a 28-year-old pet donkey. He was adopted by Texas resident Pinky Ruggles two years ago from a rescue called Texas Miracle Ranch. The ranch is home to more than 400 homeless residents and Monte was hardly the only donkey. Sadly though, his age, size, and initially dull personality made him a last choice option at the rescue. That is, until Ruggles discovered him.

Recalling the experience of bringing the donkey home, Ruggles said, “He wasn’t the rush over to see what you’re doing type. He just wasn’t what everyone always wants a donkey to be.”

Given some time, however, Ruggles quickly learned Monte’s personality was anything but dull.

“He started braying and I was like, ‘What the hell?’ I mean, he looked just as confused as I did. I don’t know if he’d ever made that noise before. We have no clue.”

Since making his debut on TikTok, Monte the Singing Donkey has earned more than 400,000 followers and several of his clips have received earned tens of thousands of views. Be sure to check out Monte’s musical talents.