WATCH: Doorbell Camera Shows Bear in Front Yard as Amazon Driver Manages To Still Deliver Package

by Tia Bailey
Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images

It’s common to fear that people will snatch your deliveries right off of your porch. A new fear has been unlocked, and it’s a bear snatching your Amazon package.

A doorbell camera caught a heart-racing moment for an Amazon delivery driver. Joshua Morgan, the resident who lives at the house, peeked at his Ring camera and saw a black bear on his property. He then noticed the Amazon delivery driver, and used the camera’s speaker to alert him to the bear.

In the video, you can hear Morgan’s warnings: “Stop right there! There is a bear right there! Can you hear me? That’s a bear! Back away!”

Thankfully, the delivery man had some great bear skills. Once he and the bear caught sight of each other, he raises his arms and wards off the bear. He was then able to deliver the package without any other difficulties.

Ring, the brand of doorbell camera used, shared the video on their YouTube page under the title “Even a Giant Bear Will Not Stop This Amazon Driver From Making His Delivery | RingTV.”

The description reads: “Josh was at the mall with his family when he received a Motion Alert on his Ring App and saw a bear walking down his driveway. Then moments later, he saw an Amazon driver come up to make a delivery. Josh immediately jumped on Two-Way Talk on his Ring Video Doorbell to warn the driver about the danger. ‘It seemed like [the driver] knew what to do and he kept calm. We were watching his exit the whole time to ensure he safely left,’ says Josh. ‘Getting the Motion Alerts is helpful to know when it is/isn’t safe to go outside, especially with two young kids and a dog. We’ve waited to go outside and also come in early based on wildlife.'”

Bear in California Causes Trouble in Backyard

A black bear in California made himself at home in a family’s backyard. A video caught the bear taking a dip in their pool, raiding their outdoor mini fridge, and rummaging through their trash.

Dr. Alon Antebi, whose house was host to the animal, shared that he’s been to there house multiple times.

“Yesterday we were having morning coffee and he came up literally three feet away from our glass door, our dogs started barking so he ran off, went into the pool, then jumped the fence,” Dr. Antebi said to FOX 11.

Additionally, he will sometimes raid their fridge and spill beer from it.

“You know, he just keeps coming back for the food source,” he said. “So, Mindy, my fiancee, she’s the one that’s been at home all day today and videotaping it.”

The family has called animal control, but they had told them that unless the bear becomes aggressive, there is nothing they can do about it.