WATCH: Dozens of Blacktip Sharks Go on Feeding Frenzy in Florida’s Annual Fall Mullet Run

by Lauren Boisvert
(Image Credit: Global Pics/Getty Images)

This week, Palm Beach, Florida resident Paul Dabill took his drone out to the coast and looked for some interesting animals to film. What he found was a group of blacktip sharks having a feeding frenzy in a huge school of migrating mullet.

“It’s a very exciting and very dramatic thing to watch,” Dabill told Outdoor Life. “[The mullet] are typically very close to the beach, and a lot of predators come in and try to eat them.”

Mullet migrate in the fall along the Florida coast in huge schools. The migration usually lasts from September through October. During that time, sharks and other predators flock to the massive schools of fish in order to get a bite. Jack crevalle, tarpon, bluefish, and barracuda are the usual predators, with blacktip sharks being the primary hunters.

Man Records Feeding Frenzy As Sharks Dig Into School of Mullet

“There’s usually a couple sharks around, but this was the best session I’ve had this season with the most sharks feeding on one school,” said Dabill. He shared that he recorded the frenzy for about 25 minutes. “I’ve seen schools that would stretch over a mile in length. I would consider this school quite large and dense, but it wasn’t a particularly big school. It’s pretty fascinating how big these schools can get.”

Dabill, who is also an underwater photographer, said that blacktip sharks are usually “skittish” and he doesn’t see them that often. “I don’t see them underwater a whole lot and when I have, they don’t want anything to do with you,” he explained. “They’ll scatter quickly. That being said, they still can be responsible for bites but that’s usually when you’re in shallow, murky water and there’s baitfish running and they’re feeding. And if a person happens to be swimming there they might get accidentally bit. But they’re not seeking humans, it’s just that humans happen to be in a murky bait pod and that might not be a good thing.”

Portland Fish Market Shows Hammerhead Shark For Sale

In bizarre news, a fish market in Portland, Maine showed the world a hammerhead shark for sale, outraging residents. The Harbor Fish Market posted a now-deleted video on social media. It featured an employee holding up the carcass of a hammerhead shark, indicating that patrons could buy it. Apparently, it’s legal to sell hammerheads in Maine, but the people still weren’t happy about it.

Subsequently, the market posted an update on the shark situation, clarifying the details for those who were upset. “First and foremost, the shark we brought in was caught legally and can be sold legally,” they began. “This shark was caught off Cape Hatteras NC, where these small Hammerheads are plentiful. This shark was caught by gillnet, a type of fishing gear, and when these fish are brought aboard dead, they may be sold. These gillnets actually have transponders on them that repel sharks. But still, some are caught and then sold as part of the vessel’s catch […].”

They continued, “Secondly, Harbor Fish is well known for our love of bringing new and unusual species into our market. Our customers love this about us. They get to try fish they would never be exposed to elsewhere […] Thirdly, Maine DMR came into our market to make sure we were following regulations and they had no problem with us selling this shark […].”