WATCH: Dozens of Sharks Lurk Near Fully Unaware Beachgoers in Terrifying Clip

by Chris Haney

Earlier this week, drone footage off the coast of Pensacola Beach, Florida captured dozens of sharks lurking in the ocean with numerous unaware beachgoers nearby. On Thursday, local news station and ABC affiliate WEAR-TV shared the shocking clip on its social media accounts.

As the clip begins, viewers can see visitors lounging on the sands of the Gulf of Mexico’s beaches around Pensacola. Others are taking a dip and playing in the ocean. However, little do they all know that just a bit deeper into the ocean was dozens of sharks grouped together.

The 54-second video pans down the beach before turning and heading further out into the ocean. After just a few seconds, dozens of sharks are spotted congregating in the same area. The drone hovers over the sharks as it captures the dark silhouettes of the huge sea creatures from above.

Parks and Recreation officials in Florida issued warnings to beachgoers to put them on high alert. There’s been in an increased presence of sharks off the coast of Florida this summer. However, the uptick in sightings isn’t just in The Sunshine State.

Florida still has the highest number of shark attacks in the nation so far this year. The state has 19 documented shark incidents, New York has six, and South Carolina has five. In 2022, there have been 61 shark attack bites in total as of August 18th. Of the 61, six have been fatal. Experts point to warmer than normal ocean temperatures as to the increase in shark activity in recent history.

As mentioned, New York has seen an increase in shark activity as well this summer. In just the last couple of months, there has been six reported encounters. Thankfully, none of the attacks have been fatal though.

Earlier this month, beachgoers in New York enjoying the day off of Fire Island spotted several huge sharks in the ocean. Five of the massive fish seemed to be hunting in a pack near the island. But thankfully they weren’t looking to make the beachgoers their next meal. Instead, cameras captured the sharks hunting a school of fish.

Photographer Duncan Weir was in the area and filmed an aerial shot of the sharks hunting. The footage adds to worries about the recent spike in attacks and sightings. You can check Weir’s video here.

Officials at OCEARCH, an organization that collects ocean-based data, suggested that the huge fish are coming in closer and closer to dry land in pursuit of their next meal.

“The real increase in shark sightings is because of the return of the bunker,” said OCEARCH founder and expedition leader Chris Fischer about bunker fish, also known as menhaden.

“The way the sharks hunt menhaden is that they push them up against the beach,” Fischer added. “They crowd them against the beach, and then they start to take turns darting through them to feed.”