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WATCH: Drone Footage Provides Mesmerizing View of Massive Volcanic Eruption

by Amy Myers
Photo by Aaron Chown/PA Images via Getty Images

Few people have witnessed a volcanic eruption from a bird’s-eye view and lived to tell the tale, but thanks to some drones that flew over the top of the active mountain, we’re able to witness the moment when magma bubbles up past the earth’s crust, transitioning to full-blown lava. The footage is nothing short of mesmerizing and terrifying.

This is just about the safest way to enjoy the dangerously beautiful igneous activity.

In the clip, beneath a thin layer of dusty, cooled rock, a bubble of lava rises within the cavernous structure. As the volcanic eruption continues, the glowing, orange liquid spills out of the top, smoke quickly gathering above the display. You can almost feel the heat coming off of the lava.

Take a look.

Originally, the clip came from Bjorn Steinbekk, a self-claimed volcano chaser from Iceland that has a passion for sharing these rarely-seen moments with the public, “one photo, one frame at a time.” In the past, Steinbekk has shared quite a few breathtaking photos and videos where the mountain comes alive.

During another journey through Iceland, he caught a much more violent volcanic eruption that was quite a contrast from the most recent, oozing demonstration. This volcano almost resembled a geyser with how much force was behind the blindingly bright lava.

Iceland is among the most volcanically active places in the world. The country is home to 130 volcanoes, and 30 of them are still active today. According to CORE Education, Iceland experiences an eruption roughly every five years, not including submarine volcanic eruptions.

iPhone Photographers Choose Much More Dangerous Approach to Volcanic Eruption

Meanwhile, in Guatemala, tourists and photographers gathered near the base of Volcan de Fuego to watch the volcanic eruption unfold. Unlike Steinbekk, who prefers to keep his distance during the display, these folks threw caution to the wind in order to get a better angle of the volcano.

As insane as the footage is, the risk really isn’t worth the reward. On Instagram, the ever-famous account, Nature Is Metal, reminded folks what could happen if you come this close to the bottom of a volcanic eruption.

“Standing this close to an active volcano is a great way to catch a hot rock to the ol’ meat wagon. Thankfully, all they caught this day was incredible footage,” the account shared.

Likewise, viewers agreed, “Playing with fire literally. Lucky that magma didn’t hit you.”

Volcan de Fuego happens to be the tallest mountain in the country, standing at 12,346 feet. In the Mayan tongue Cakchiquel, this mountain’s name is Chi Q’aq’, meaning “where the fire is.” It is one of the most active volcanoes on earth, erupting roughly 60 times in the past 500 recorded years.