WATCH: ‘Drooling’ Black Bear Crashes Round of Golf and Climbs Right Into Cart

by Amy Myers

While a group of friends was enjoying their annual golf trip, a black bear decided to step in and nearly took their cart for a ride. Luckily, the “drooling” bear was only looking for any spare snacks and wasn’t interested in making one out of the two-legged golfers.

Each year, four men, including David Kelso, convene for their annual golfing trip at Nicklaus North Golf Course in Whistler, British Columbia. Typically, the trip goes off without a hitch (or a scratch), and they come home with plenty of stories of triumphs and perhaps a few tribulations from the more challenging holes.

This year was already pretty special for the group. The four had packed their clubs and tees for the 10th time. But the decade’s anniversary wasn’t the only reason why this year’s trip will go down in history for them. In between holes, the group of four became five when an unexpected visitor crashed their crew.

While getting ready to drive to the next hole, Kelso noticed a salivating black bear lumbering towards the group. Sure enough, the creature waltzed right up to their golf carts and helped itself into the front seat. It hardly seemed to care that there were people around, which really isn’t a great sign for the wild animal as this likely means it had successful encounters with humans in the past. Still, it served as a pretty funny story for the golfers who never expected such a creature to join them during their trip.

Check out the video originally posted on TMZ Sports:

Golfers Manage to Scare Black Bear Away From Carts

During the encounter, another golfer in the crew got an even closer view of the black bear. Apparently unafraid of the risks of getting so close to the creature, he held his phone up on the other side of the cart, just one paw swipe away from the party crasher.

For a moment, the bear seemed a bit alarmed and stood straight up, surveying whether the person near him was a threat. But then it continued on with its antics, eventually rummaging through the group’s belongings in search of food. Whether or not it actually found any is still unclear.

Eventually, the group managed to scare the black bear away before it could do too much damage, and they went on to play an impressive round. In fact, as Kelso told TMZ Sports, he and fellow golfer Kyle McNamara even made birdies on the next hole.

Perhaps the black bear sighting gave them good luck.

The pair didn’t mention what the final scores were, but regardless of who won, this year’s trip will definitely go down as one of the most memorable for the group of friends.