WATCH: Duck Plays Dead in Oscar-Worthy Performance as Dog Waits Ready to Pounce

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/Ingunn B. Haslekaas)

This goodest dog was focused on a very dog-like goal…hunting ducks. However, it seems one of the feathered animals has gotten one over on the furry hunter! It’s an Oscar-worthy performance as one very happy dog proudly stands over a duck that appears to not be moving. The proud pup seems certain this duck has been taken down. However, things aren’t as they seem.

As the video begins, we see a duck lying on the ground. To anyone just tuning in, it appears that this feathered friend has bit the dust. This theory becomes even more supported when we see who is hovering over this very still duck…a pup that is looking very proud of itself. Naturally, our first thought is that this dog has taken down the waterfowl. However, we soon learn that there is quite a bit more to this situation than meets the eye!

And The Oscar Goes To…

The duck is laying on the rocky ground motionless, as the panting pup hovers above. The pup seems very proud of what it sees, although, we aren’t one hundred percent sure the dog took the duck down. Perhaps the canine just tracked the feathered animal through the grass? Whatever the case, however, it’s clear that the duck isn’t moving a muscle as the video begins.

At about the nine-second mark, however, things change quite drastically. The dog turns around and then suddenly takes off…running out of the frame. Then, in an instant, the duck who has been playing dead pops up, hightailing it out of the area. Wadding fast into the grass and far away from the eager dog.

This Dog Didn’t Get A Taste Of Duck…However, Busch Is Giving Pups Like This One A Turkey-Flavored Cole One!

Busch has announced its latest release…a special dog brew for pups called Dog Brew by Busch. This specialty beer is a turkey-flavored creation made specifically for our furry best friends. And, this tasty treat comes out just in time for the holidays!

“Introducing TURKEY FLAVORED Dog Brew,” a recent Twitter post notes.

“Our new limited-edition flavor is here for the howl-idays!” the Busch Beer tweet continues. “Grab a pack for your pup today.”

This turkey-flavored Busch release comes in a four-pack at a cost of $15 a pack. And, much like the OG Busch brand, Busch light, this brew comes in a 12-ounce can.

Busch’s turkey-flavored beer for dogs comes in a four-pack and is available online for $15 a pack. Just like a Busch Light, the Dog Brew by Busch comes in a hardy 12-ounce can. According to Busch, this special doggy brew consists of all-natural ingredients including bone-in turkey, sweet potato, sweet basil, peppermint leaves, turmeric, ginger, and water.